Tips for avoiding parking tickets in the city

by Richard Lewis, June 19, 2014

Tips for avoiding parking tickets in the city

Parking tickets are no minor expense. Worse yet, if you get one, you can expect rates to be much higher next time you check online car insurance quotes. So here's a few tips to help you avoid getting one next time you're cruising for a spot in the big city.

Carry quarters!

Some places have free parking, and others allow you to pay meter fees with credit cards, but all seasoned drivers know that you should always have a stash of quarters next to you while you drive. Most parking meters still operate the old fashioned way - coins only - and you don't want to risk leaving a meter unpaid when you've found that elusive parking spot. So always have a handful of coins with you, and you'll be able to trust that you'll never have to leave a meter unpaid - and get a ticket as a result.

If you can't inch up to the curb, then move on

There's nothing worse than trying to drive through an already tiny street, only to find that someone has inconsiderately parked their car so that it sticks out into the road. Such offenses aren't taken lightly, especially in the city - so know that you can expect a ticket if you ever engage in such careless parking. If you can't fit your car in cleanly, just move on.

Read every single sign

You may think you've found the perfect parking spot - but little do you know, a sign at the end of the street dictates that no parking is allowed at the hour-at-hand. Pay attention to road signs! They'll help you to know where, when, and how you're allowed to park - essential information for those who don't want to end up with a ticket, and with higher car insurance rates.

Keep abreast of emergencies

For instance: your normal parking spot may no longer be a legal place to put your car during a snowstorm. So keep aware of what is and isn't allowed during specific seasons and situations. If you're able to do that, you'll never put yourself in position to get a parking ticket.

Have you picked up any other valuable tips on how to avoid being ticketed when parking in a city?


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