4 great car gadgets for dad this Father’s Day

Wondering what to get dad for Father's Day? These suggestions might strike his fancy.

It’s the question that spouses and kids of all ages are asking themselves in the month of June: what to get the person who already has everything? That someone, of course, is dear old dad.

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and consumers are scanning the store aisles and perusing magazine circulars for the one item that the patriarch of the family will love. Of course, every dad has his own set of idiosyncrasies and tastes that make him one-of-a-kind, but something that virtually every proud pop has in common is their love of technology, a recent poll suggests. And what better way to accommodate him than with an update of a gadget he already loves?

According to a new survey conducted by technology services support firm Asurion, more than two-thirds of dads hoping to get a new gadget this year want to replace one they already have.

“We’re seeing new devices launch all the time which quickly makes Dad’s cool gadget from last Father’s Day outdated,” said Bettie Colombo, Asurion spokesperson. “Dads want to upgrade everything.”

CNET has assembled a treasure trove of tech gadgets that dad is sure to love, many of which may update something that he already owns:

PowerAll Portable Jumpstarter

Were it not for dad, many of the car problems you’ve had might still be issues, like a stubborn car that won’t start. A standard pair of jumper cables takes┬ácare of this, of course, but a company called PowerAll makes a portable, electronic starter that holds a charge with enough power to prevent dad from having to hook up his car to jumpstart yours.

Automatic Labs Smart Driving Assistant

No dad wants to admit that they’ve gotten lost when traveling in an unfamiliar area or seeking out an address where street signs are hard to come by. He can avoid having to ask for directions with Automatic Labs Smart Driving Assistant, a portable gadget that connects to his smartphone. It has GPS capability and can also serve other functions, like tracking how much gas is being used and travel expenses.

iSimple BluClik Bluetooth Remote Control

A car without a radio is like a day without water. If dad is a talk radio or music enthusiast, he’ll be needing to change the station or turn up the volume at one point or another. The iSimple BluClik puts search, volume, and pause functions a finger stroke away, rather than reaching for the radio dial. This also helps keep his eyes on the road.

PanaVise 15508 Portagrip

Then use of handheld devices while driving is increasingly┬ábecoming illegal throughout the country. The 15508 Portagrip made by Panavise is a clamp that holds smartphones and adheres to the windshield. This way he’ll be able to talk hands-free behind the wheel.

CNET has some other car-related technology gift ideas, with product reviews that will steer you – and dad – in the right direction.