4 mobilizing ways to celebrate National Go For A Ride Day

See your world from a different point of view with a hot air balloon ride.

Whether it’s to clear your head after a rough day at work, or to take advantage of the recent warm weather, it’s always nice to go for a ride.Ā This Sunday, if you hearing the road call your name, take heart and take action – because the day was meant to be spent on the move.

That’s because Nov. 22 is National Go For A Ride Day. The 22nd day of November is a pretty eventful one for the transportation and automobile industries. For starters, it’s the same day that an American inventor, Mathias Pfatischer, developed the patent for the interpole motor, a feat that revolutionized the automotive industry as we know it. Twenty-five years later, in 1927, another inventor, Carl Eliason, developed the patent for the very first snowmobile, bringing new meaning to the term “snow day.”

While you may think that jumping in your car is the best way to celebrate National Go For A Ride Day, there are also many other ways to celebrate – some of which don’t even necessarily require a motor or set of wheels!

Go for a horse-drawn sleigh ride

Before you know it, the snow will be falling and friends will be calling “Yoo-hoo!” But you don’t necessarily have to have snow in order to go for a sleigh ride. SledRiding.com has a sizeable list of places all around the country that offer sleigh rides – including warm weather climates like Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

Watch ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’

If you’ve never seen the holiday classic “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” you’re in a for a real treat. It stars the late, great John Candy and fellow funnyman Steve Martin, whose characters don’t know each other until a chance meeting while both are trying to make it home before the turkey is served onĀ Thanksgiving. The two make it there safely, but not before a number of misadventures along the way. Grab a tissue – you may cry from laughing so hard.

Go for a hot air balloon ride

Have you ever gone for a ride in a hot air balloon? This past October, the mother of allĀ hot air balloon festivals was held in New Mexico at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Nearly 1 million people attended from around the world, including 550 registered balloon teams. For enthusiasts, there’s no better place to experience what it’s like.

Hot air balloon rides can be booked year-round, and you’re bound to find several in your area. Just Google “hot air balloon” and your state abbreviation. You’ll get plenty of hits.

Splurge on a sports car

Nothing says “fun” quite like a sports car – something virtually everyone has wanted to drive at one point or another. Why not now? You’d be in good company, as Porsche sold nearly 4,100 models nationwide this past October. Alternatively, if you’re not in the market to buy, renting one for a day or two can help satisfy your luxury car longings. Many rental-car companies have luxury departments, like this one from Enterprise.

However you celebrate National Go For A Ride Day, make it a family affair, where “moving” memories can be made. Now get up and go!