5 cars that won’t be around after 2016

These cars will be a distant memory after 2016, as automakers are pulling the plug on several models.

With only a few weeks remaining in 2016, we're nearing the end of an eventful year in the car sales world. Several of the auto industry's models are fast approaching the end of the road, as their respective automakers will no longer manufacture them in 2017 and beyond. New-car dealerships will undoubtedly have different options available to car shoppers, but the following won't be among them. Here's a look at the automobiles that won't be coming down the assembly line next year.

1. Cadillac ELR

Few associate luxury cars with electric vehicles, but Cadillac made the two somewhat synonymous when it introduced the ELR a few years ago, featuring a lithium-ion battery pack that powers this hybrid plug-in. However, due to poor sales numbers from the get-go, the luxury automaker ultimately decided to pull the plug on the model. According to U.S. News and World Report, the ELR's major sticking points with less-than-satisfied buyers include its expensive price (between $60,000 and $75,000) and underwhelming acceleration capabilities compared to its contemporaries. It also failed to receive a Top Safety Pick nod from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

2. Chrysler Town & Country

Motorists have been cruising the town and country in the Chrysler Town & Country since 1989. The Town & Country has routinely been among the American automaker's best-selling models, thanks to family-friendly interior features, like second-row seating, passenger-side swivel capability, and plenty of cargo room for weekend getaway trips. Many of these sought-after features are found in the 2016 incarnation of the Town & Country, but Chrysler will be replacing it after this year with the 2017 Pacifica. Speaking of which, the Pacifica was one of only four minivans to receive IIHS' highly coveted Top Safety Pick designation. Safety is important as it is, but especially when it comes to coverage. Auto insurance for new cars tends to be more affordable among vehicles that score well in crash testing.

3. Jaguar XK

Among the auto industry's most expensive car brands, Jaguar redefines the term "luxury," with a variety of lavish features that enthusiasts have come to expect when they think of an amazing luxury car. The XK is no exception, setting the standard ever since the sports coupe debuted 20 years ago. The 2016 model's 5.0-liter V-8 engine makes it a true delight on the open road, receiving 4 out of 5 stars from Car and Driver Magazine. Come next year, however, Jaguar will change gears, swapping out the XK for its all-new F-Type. Though the XK didn't receive IIHS' Top Safety Pick, it boasts several noteworthy safety features, like daytime running headlights, a theft-deterrent system, park assist, and anti-lock brakes.

4. Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a veteran of the highway, a staple that's been spotted from coast to coast for more than three decades. It hasn't always been known by its current title, as it once was recognized as the Plymouth Voyager and was the original Chrysler Town & Country. Over the past three years, 500,000 Dodge Caravans were sold, an unsurprising number given the high praise it's received over the years from the likes of Kelley Blue Book, and The Car Connection. With 2016 being the last year of production for the minivan, it's going out in "safety style," featuring blind spot monitoring and back-up camera technology, perhaps to make up for its exclusion on IIHS' Top Safety Pick list.

5. Scion xB

At a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $17,120, the Scion xB is one of the more reasonably priced new cars you'll find, as all of its model years have sold for less than $20,000 since it made its debut in the mid-2000s. However, its affordable sticker price wasn't compelling enough for buyers to take serious interest in the compact. Though its boxy exterior makes it appear rather small on the outside, don't let your eyes fool you. Car review website Edmunds.com says, the xB is deceptively spacious in the interior, with 70 cubic feet of space, thanks to the rear seats that can lie flat. Though we bid the xB a fond farewell this year, it has plenty of contemporaries, including the Scion iA, one of two minicars to receive IIHS' Top Safety Pick nod, scoring well in all five phases of crashworthiness.

If you're thinking about buying a replacement for your current vehicle, be sure to stop by your nearest new car dealership before time – and the year – runs out.