5 cars we lost in 2015

We will bid farewell to several models in 2015.

It's awards season once again. From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, Hollywood icons of the film world take to the red carpet this time of year to see who will take home the title for various categories, like "Best Motion Picture," and "Outstanding Supporting Actress."

It's also a time to reflect on the stars that we lost in the previous year, remembered in the annual "In Memoriam" portion of the awards shows.

Of course, the automotive world also has awards for the stars of the industry, but what about the cars that were lost over the past year? As you'll see, there are several cars that won't be around anymore, as automakers decided to pull plug on a number of models. Here are five of the dearly departed:

1. Chevy SS

Hailing from the "Land Down Under" Chevrolet's SS model – known originally as the Holden Commodore – was believed to be a can't-miss hit with sedan fans, thanks largely to its impressive engine capability, boasting a V-8 typically seen in high-powered luxury models. However, the SS failed to garner much of a following, with sales falling ever since its release in June 2013. As a result, Chevrolet will no longer be making these models moving forward.

2. Dodge Grand Caravan

Chrysler, now owned by Fiat, appears to be interested in efficiency, now that's it's decided to nix the Dodge Grand Caravan. Under its former ownership, Dodge produced several models that were difficult to tell apart minus their names. Chrysler owners will testify that the Grand Caravan is almost a carbon copy of the Town and Country. It's the latter that will continue to be manufactured, though some speculate that this may not be the Grand Caravan's swan song.

3. Acura TL

Apparently, "X" marks the spot for Acura. For almost 20 years now, Acura has been producing the TL model, with each passing year being a slightly revised version of the previous. That all changed, though, when Acura released the midsized sedan TLX. The luxury vehicle division of Honda says that the TLX has all the features the TL had and then some, making the TLX's predecessor no longer necessary.

4. Nissan Cube

It appears that Nissan's Cube is going down the tubes. Bringing new meaning to the term "boxy," the Nissan Cube fell flat with a segment of society that the automaker hoped it would appeal to – those wanting a car that would "stick out." That it did, only more like a sore thumb. Therefore, the Cube is now being discontinued.

5. Jaguar XK

First developed in 2006, the XK was a highly touted model from the beginning, turning heads in a way that luxury models tend to do. Motivated by its success, Jaguar decided to reinvent the XK by releasing the F-Type. The F-Type was hit, but its similarity to the XK led to a slow down in sales for its predecessor. As a result, the sporty coupe will no longer be manufactured in 2016.

What cars will hit the skids in 2016? We have a year to find out.