Alfa Romeo returns to the US via the New York International Auto Show

Alfa Romeo returns to the US via the New York International Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show provides car-lovers with plenty of things to get excited about on a yearly basis. Yet, this year, one piece of news stood out among all others: the return of Alfa Romeo automobiles to U.S. soil.

A recent BBC report detailing the event noted how almost all the attention on the show floor at the Auto Show was afforded to Alfa Romeo, the maker of the iconic Spider coupe car, which announced its return to U.S. auto sales after a 20-year absence. The company is planning to release its two-seat 4C sports car to the U.S. market sometime in the next year. Industry experts have already suggested that the return to the U.S. market will help Alfa Romeo to make up ground it has lost in its two decades away from the country.

"Alfa needs to play here – they really need to expand their volumes and begin to payoff the product development that's come from Fiat," Bill Visnic, senior analyst for an automotive information website, explained to the BBC. "It's difficult to call yourself a legitimate luxury brand and not be playing in the US market."

Jiyan Cadiz, spokesperson for Alfa Romeo, told the BBC that more car models will follow the launch of the 4C in the U.S. – so Romeo lovers in America should start investigating which models they like, alongside attached online car insurance quotes and other factors, as soon as possible. 

"We do have more products to come – know that we wouldn't start now unless we were truly ready." Cadiz told the BBC. 

The cheapest super car available on the market, according to the paper of record
The New York Times reported that the 4C automobile should be available for U.S. buyers by June. There will only be 500 units made available to U.S. shoppers, priced at $70,000 each. Subsequent base models will run for $54,000. The Times calls the automobile the "closest thing to a supercar you could own for less than $55,000," illustrating why so many consumers are going to be excited about the return of Alfa Romeo cars to U.S. soil.

"The all-new Alfa Romeo 4C delivers supercar-level performance in its most elemental form," Harald Wester, chief executive at Alfa Romeo, told The New York Times. With its ultra lightweight materials and technological solutions derived directly from motor sports, a mid-engine proportion for maximum agility and purposeful styling cues to enhance performance, the all-new 4C coupe marks Alfa Romeo's return to sports cars and the brand's return to North America."

Finally, the Times detailed the specifications of the car – useful for both auto enthusiasts and those curious what online car insurance quotes may look like for the vehicle. The 4C sports a 237-horsepower 1.8 liter direct-injection turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine. That's paired with a twin-clutch transmission – and even still, the car weighs only 2,200 pounds. 

How do you feel about Alfa Romeo's return to the U.S. auto industry?