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In an Accident but Didn’t Get the Other Driver’s Information?

It happened: you got in an accident, and to make matters worse, you didn’t get the other driver’s info. Maybe you were flustered and simply forgot, maybe they wouldn’t divulge anything, or maybe it was even a hit-and-run. Regardless, the unfortunate fact is that the responsibility is now on you. But don’t panic, because we’re… Read More

Published on July 16, 2019

Where Important Features of Your Car Have Been Hiding

Have you ever wondered why essential components in your car seem to be the hardest to find? Many of us know where one or two safety features live, but it seems that in an attempt to create a universal language, car manufacturers have clogged our lives with symbols. When we’ve been outsmarted by the trunk… Read More

Published on June 12, 2019
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How to Drive (Safely) in the Rain

Let’s be honest—how many times have you been driving in the rain and seen dozens of drivers going too fast, or zooming along with no headlights? Probably pretty often. But how are your own rain-driving skills? Are you sure you’re following the rules, too? Rainy weather and wet pavement conditions have been found to be… Read More

Published on May 9, 2019
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Why Minimum Coverage Is Not a Good Deal

You’ve saved, researched models and brands, and now you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a car—congratulations! But before you hit the open road, you need to take care of a few things first, and that means it’s time to buy yourself some car insurance. Since you just dropped a big chunk of change on… Read More

Published on April 30, 2019
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Cell Phones + Driving: How Safe is Your State?

The dangers of texting and driving shouldn’t be news to anyone in 2020. Many of us have heard statistics such as “More than 3,400 people died due to distracted driving in 2016”, or “Estimates indicate drivers using cell phones look at but fail to see up to 50 percent of the information in their driving… Read More

Published on April 23, 2019
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How is Elephant different from other insurance companies?

We know, we know, most people think that all insurance companies are cut from the same cloth. Out to get your money, not there for you when you need the most help, and only really care about the bottom line at the end of the day. What if we told you that not all insurance… Read More

Published on October 10, 2018
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Why should you consider purchasing a safe car in 2018?

Now more than ever, there are advanced safety features coming as standard in new cars. It now seems that safety is finally becoming the new standard for car manufacturers.  So, what makes a car ‘safe’ and why is it so important to consider buying one? It’s not always as clear to the average consumer, especially… Read More

Published on October 6, 2018
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Ways to save money if you own more than one car

Everyone knows how expensive owning a car can be. In fact, it’s the second largest purchase most consumers will ever make after buying a home. And as families grow, more cars are needed in a household, whether it’s for more room for young ones or for your newly licensed teen driver (gulp). Then all the… Read More

Published on October 4, 2018
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Are Teslas really worth it?

The Tesla name has made a huge splash in the auto industry in recent months and years. From fuel efficiency to futuristic technology, Tesla is hoping to edge out some of the other competition like Toyota Prius. But, how do we know that Tesla really delivers on all that they promise? If you’ve been considering… Read More

Published on August 28, 2018
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New or Used: Things to consider when buying a car

When purchasing a new (or new to you) car, you’re probably going to face a lot of decisions. And, one of the first things to consider, is whether you should purchase a new car or a used car. Each has its pros and cons and depending on your lifestyle one might be better than the… Read More

Published on August 24, 2018