To this day, these films send chills up the spines of virtually everyone who watches them.

3 horrifying haunted houses from the movies

Though it may not be a national holiday, America loves Halloween, and intends to have a scary good time this year. In fact, more than half of the country – 157 million people – intend to celebrate Oct. 31 this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

While kids will occupy their time with trick or treating and adults determining what to wear to the office costume party, one thing that many people enjoy is a haunted house. In fact, there's approximately 2,000 haunted attractions worldwide, according to the Haunted House Association, an industry that's worth millions.

But some of the most memorable haunted houses are those that have been featured on the silver screen. The following are a mere handful of the scariest, most iconic haunted houses Hollywood has ever produced:

The Amityville Horror

Based on the book from author Jay Anson, "The Amityville Horror" has been featured in film on numerous occasions, but the most popular one stars James Brolin as the title character George Lutz. He and his wife, Kathy, buy a house based in Amityville, New York, but little do they know that a mass murder took place within the four walls of 112 Ocean Avenue a year prior to their moving in. After learning this, strange happenings become increasingly frequent, literally popping up around every corner. Aspiring homeowners and fans of the horror film classic might agree that this is a place where they wouldn't bother attending the open house.

The Others

"This house is ours." Those haunting words are perhaps the most memorable in the 2001 film "The Others," starring Nicole Kidman, which was originally a Spanish-American horror film. Kidman plays the role of Grace Stewart, a mother of two who decides to rent out her home shortly after World War II, looking for tenants who can help take care of her young son and daughter, Anne and Nicholas. Both of her kids have a rare autoimmune disease that prevents them from being in sunlight. Over the course of the film, however, strange events all seem to put her kids in harm's way, like curtains opening for no apparent reason and doors opening mysteriously. The twists and turns in the film all lead up to a truly "killer" ending.

The Shining

Jack Nicholson may be a Hollywood titan, but the 1979 film "The Shining" put him on the map, as many film critics might agree. And how could it not? Based on the 1977 novel written by the horror genre author legend Stephen King, Nicholson plays the title role of Jack Torrance, a writer who, when he's not busy typing out prose, serves as a caretaker for a Colorado-area hotel. Though seemingly normal at the beginning of the film, supernatural phenomena happening within the Overlook Hotel drives Torrance insane, becoming a threat both to himself and tenants. "The Shining" set the standard for producing bone-chilling, scream-inducing film entertainment.

No matter how you spend your Halloween, make sure you do it safely.