These five affordable spring break destinations are all easy to reach by car.

Affordable spring break destinations just a car trip away

Once you’re protected with Virginia auto insurance, you’re free to travel all over the country looking for the perfect spring break destination. But if you want to save yourself some time and money, we’ve put together a list of five great – not to mention affordable – spots that are within driving range of Maryland and Virginia residents.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A haven for spring breakers, Myrtle Beach proves beyond a doubt that a great vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. According to Bustle, not only does Myrtle Beach boast incredible beaches, it’s got a great live music scene and ocean-side amusement parks as well.

While the six-hour drive might put some Virginia and Maryland residents off, perhaps low booking prices for even luxury hotels – we’re talking $80 to $100 a night, here – will help to sway them.

“Myrtle Beach appeals to both college students and families.”

Part of what’s so nice about Myrtle Beach is that it appeals to college students and families alike. With such a wide range of spring break activities, there’s plenty to do for everyone who visits.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

When you think about going somewhere for spring break, your mental compass is probably pointing south. But don’t exclude northern destinations from your consideration. Atlantic City, for example, is just a three to four hour drive from the Washington, D.C. metro area, and it’s a great spring break landing spot.

Rooms are cheap and plentiful, and your chances of scoring one with an ocean view are much better than they would be down south. That’s assuming you ever make it back to your hotel room. With an exciting casino scene, as well as a fun boardwalk, Atlantic City has something for everyone. There are tons of sites to see in Atlantic City, so here’s where you can get started.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Shenandoah is a great spring break destination right in your back yard. For those who prefer to spend their vacations hiking and camping, it doesn’t get much better than Shenandoah National Park in the spring, as the red maples bloom and the wildflowers return to vibrant life.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Shenandoah. Some visitors prefer to spend their time driving along Skyline Drive, basking in the glorious scenic views of the Appalachian Mountains. Others prefer to climb those mountains. However you want to spend your time there, the park is only a short car trip away.

Washington, D.C. is a great spring break travel spot, especially during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Washington, D.C. is a great spring break travel spot, especially during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Washington, D.C.

Chances are that if you’ve been living in Maryland or Virginia for a few years, you’ve already started to take Washington, D.C. for granted. There are many who may not ever get the chance to visit the nation’s capital, but luckily it’s in your backyard. Spring break may be the perfect opportunity to give the District another look and see anything you may have missed out on.

Think about it. All the coolest sites don’t cost a dime, and while parking is notoriously fickle, you can just take a short drive to a metro station and ride the train in. Stops like Dupont Circle, Archives, L’Enfant Plaza, and Georgetown are all guaranteed to leave you within easy walking distance of awesome destinations like the Smithsonian museums and the Washington Monument.

Plus, in early April, the world famous Cherry Blossom Festival begins. Free events during the two-week festival include fireworks shows, parades, and a wide variety of cultural events.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Yes, of course Daytona Beach makes the list. We put it last not because it’s least, but simply because it requires the longest drive of all the destinations – 12 hours or so from the Virginia area, and that’s if you’re lucky with traffic. We recommend switching drivers halfway, or making it a two-day trip and stopping in South Carolina for the night. That way it’s like two vacations for the price of one.

In recent years, Daytona has worked to shed its wild party image. Although the beautiful weather and cheap hotels still draw somewhat of a college crowd, there’s much more to Daytona Beach than that. From the beautiful beaches, to superb live music, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone.