Fall car shows in Dallas and Houston

Fall car shows in Dallas and Houston

Movie lovers have film festivals, comic book fans have conventions – and auto obsessives, we have car shows. For any gearhead, a local car show is inevitably one of the highlights of the year. You get to show off your own wares, and gaze at everyone else's gorgeous cars and motorcycles too. 

Texans who dig on cars should be especially excited about the next few months: in Dallas and Houston alone, for instance, there will be many different car shows throughout the Fall season. Just be careful that you don't get too swept away by any of the vehicles on display. Before you know it, you could be buying a brand new car, and needing a way to get two vehicles – the one you drove to the show, and the one you just bought – all the way home.

The Invasion
This car show is happening tomorrow, Aug. 30, in Dallas. For lovers of classic cars, this is a can't-miss: The Invasion is a car show dedicated to pre-1964 hot rods, and "Kustom" cars. It'll be running from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to compare car insurance quotes for some of these antique vehicles!

36th Annual Corvette Chevy Expo
This particular car show will be happening on Sept. 27 in Dallas – and the title of the event itself should tell you everything you need to know. Major national vendors will be on hand, as well as a number of "world-class Chevrolet show cars." There will also be a sales mart, and numerous other attractions – for one example, a bikini contest! As you can probably tell, this Expo aspires to be a lot of fun, and it succeeds. Dallas car lovers won't want to miss this one. 

Mustang Club of Houston Open Car Show
This one will be happening Oct. 4 in Houston – and like the car show detailed above, the title here should tell you everything you need to know. The Houston Regional Chapter of the Mustang Club of America will be putting on this event, which doubles as a celebration of the chosen brand. 

Texas Bully Bowl
There's only one place for Dallas car lovers to be on Oct. 18 – and that's at the Bully Bowl. Though this is the first year that the event has been held, it promises to be the "world's largest custom car show, dog show and live fights show happening under one roof." That's a lot of disparate fields and interests coming together all at once – but if you've got an interest in any of those things, you're not going to be skipping this one. The organizers promise "some of the best custom cars in the country" will be there, so it'll be a great place to get some new ideas. 

Burnout Houston
Are bikes more your speed? Then you're going to want to at least make a pit stop at Burnout Houston, happening on Oct. 18. This one can't really be called a car show – it'll be dedicated to pre-1964 "Kustoms," hot rods, motorbikes, bobbers, choppers, and anything else that rolls down the road on two wheels. They'll be musical performances and other attractions on hand, as well, so make sure to have this one marked down on your calendar well ahead of time. 

O'Reilly Auto Parts AutoRama
​Finally, we've got to mention this event in Houston, occuring between Nov. 27 and 30, which promises "extreme competitions, unique exhibits, and hundreds of customized rides." Like all the other shows listed here, it's sure to be a highlight of the season for anyone lucky enough to attend.