Filing an insurance claim doesn't have to be difficult

Filing a claim after an accident

After you complete an online car insurance quote you may discover that many providers offer other online features for their policyholders, like online bill pay, policy management, and claims handling. These features are designed to make car insurance easy for customers. Unfortunately, insurance can become more complicated if you are involved in a car accident, due to factors beyond your control. The following tips will help you understand how to file a claim if you ever get into an accident:

File as soon as possible: When contacting your insurance company about an accident, you'll want to provide the most accurate information possible. So, it is recommended to file a claim as soon as you can. This can help ensure that you don't forget any details that might negatively impact your claim, and end up costing you money. 

Gather the necessary information: To file a successful claim, you'll need to have the information the insurance company wants. According to, you should know your policy number, date, location, and description of the accident as well as the information of the other motorist. If police were involved, you may need the name of the department and the report number. It is probably best to secure all of this information whether or not your provider requires it when you file a claim.

After a car accident, you may be in a panicked mood, so you should get the contact information of the other motorist for your records, to pass on to your claims handler.

Double check your coverage: While the damage caused by your accident will most likely be covered by your policy it is probably smart to double check before filing a claim. Taking this step can help ensure that there are no rules or regulations that could hold up the claims process. Also, you can find out whether or not your policy protects the member of your family who was driving the car if it wasn't you. 

Choose the repair shop: Most insurance providers have a network of repair shops that you can choose from. Following an accident, you'll want to get a copy of this list, so you can find a shop in your area. If you're worried about getting your vehicle repaired at a shop that will hike the price, don't be, insurance companies have an obligation to keep costs fair and reasonable, which means any place on the provider's list should be good.