How inclusive is comprehensive auto insurance?

Infographic: How inclusive is comprehensive auto insurance?

From fender benders to rollovers, thousands of accidents, both minor and serious, occur on the roads we travel each and every year. Collision coverage provides the necessary protection for these unfortunate incidents, but as we all know, accidents involving other vehicles aren’t the only way motorists can run into trouble. Violent weather, wayward animals, falling objects, and flying projectiles – each of these incidents can be every bit as damaging, yet they are not covered under a traditional collision insurance policy.

But that’s not a problem with a comprehensive auto insurance plan in place. As its name suggests, comprehensive protection includes a wide variety of events that can happen at any given moment. Let’s take a look at just how inclusive comprehensive auto insurance really is:

Theft: Several parts of the country are hotbeds for hot cars, none more so than California, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. But wherever you live, comprehensive auto insurance can reimburse you for auto theft.

Rodents: Infestation isn’t only a problem that can affect homeowners. The underside of an automobile serves as a warm place for mice and rats to reside in overnight when temperatures dip. Should their stay result in damage, comprehensive has you covered.

Wild animals: It can be a jungle out there on the roads, especially during mating season. Deer strikes are fairly common, the repairs of which can cost thousands.

And that just scratches the surface. Protect your vehicle from the unexpected and cover all your bases with comprehensive auto insurance that brings new meaning to all-inclusive.