You can shave $100 off your deductible every year for five years with Elephant's Diminishing Deductible program.

How to save money with Elephant's Diminishing Deductible

The auto insurance claims process is a shared responsibility. When someone gets into an accident and damage results, the driver is responsible for a portion of the cost – called the deductible – and the insurer picks up the difference, up to the limits of the policy.

Of course, no one wants to have to go through the claims process, especially when it costs money – as if getting into an accident weren't already frustrating enough.

But what if you didn't have to worry about the deductible, where instead of you paying for a portion of the claim cost, your insurer took care of all of it?

With Elephant Auto Insurance's Diminishing Deductible, this isn't a dream, but a reality.

How the Diminishing Deductible program works

Elephant's Diminishing Deductible program is just like it sounds – it's an optional coverage where upon selecting it, the portion of an insurance claim you're responsible for the collision 'diminishes' over time.

What's more, the benefit starts as soon as you select it. Provided you already have a $500 deductible, you'll receive an immediate reduction of $100 on your deductible. Each additional policy year you go accident free, your collision deductible goes down another $100.

The best part of all? The savings continue for up to $500 – meaning if you select a $500 collision deductible and go 5 years accident free, you won't have to pay a collision deductible for as long as you own the policy.

No reset guarantee

Now, you may be wondering what happens if after selecting Elephant's Diminishing Deductible option, you get into an accident. Unfortunately, you won't be eligible for your $100 deduction that year, but you'll get to use your reduced collision deductible and save immediately.  However, your deductible will stay at its current amount for the next policy period. You will be eligible for another reduction at the beginning of the next year you are accident free. Unlike other insurers, Elephant won't reset your deductible to the full amount just because you have one accident.

At Elephant Insurance, we're all about setting the standard for our customers' satisfaction. We know you have lots of other options for your auto insurance, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a provider that has a diminishing deductible program with a no-reset guarantee like ours.

Auto insurance is something you have to buy in order to drive. So it only makes sense to take advantage of an option that keeps your costs down. That's why with your collision coverage, Elephant's Diminishing Deductible program helps reduce your expenses for the life of the policy.

The best kind of insurance is the kind that you'll never have to use. But when accidents do happen, it doesn't get much better than a claim that comes at no cost to you. With Elephant's Diminishing Deductible, you'll save yourself time, energy, and – most important of all – money.

To learn how to add this optional coverage, speak with an Elephant Licensed Insurance Agent by phone or online.