Indiana is a paradise for the state's parade of drivers.

Indiana: A ‘best of’ state for drivers

Home to the Indianapolis 500 and otherwise known as the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana is a Mecca for automotive aficionados. And based on a newly released study, it’s also one of the best states in the country in which to drive.

Personal finance information website recently unveiled its list of the nation’s greatest states for road warriors, based on a variety of factors, including the cost of gasoline, average commute time, car repair prices, and accident frequency. Landing in the top 10 was none other than the Hoosier State.

Upon examining the qualifications used to arrive at their list of the best states for road trippers, it’s easy to understand why Indiana is considered a veritable hub for the driving masses, whether they’re visiting or call the state home.

Among least expensive states for gas

Take the price of unleaded regular as an example. As of Jan. 19, a gallon of fuel sets buyers back approximately $2.13, according to That’s only 5 cents more than the state with the most affordable prices – South Carolina – and 93 cents less than Hawaii, the most expensive state to fuel up. And in a given year, Indianans spend approximately $1,315 on gas, far less than several other states, reported, using statistics maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Oil Price Information Service.

Car repairs more affordable

No one wants to deal with repair issues, something that comes up less often today thanks to improved car quality, but still almost everyone faces sooner or later. But if you live in Indiana, parts and labor expenses are pretty reasonable, comparatively speaking. Based on numbers crunched by automotive diagnostic information company CarMD, Indiana drivers spent approximately $356 on car repairs in 2015, the most recent year for which data is available. That’s the second-smallest annual amount in the U.S., bested only by Michigan at approximately $2 less.

Here’s a link to the study so you can see where Indiana – or your own state – stacks up in relation to others.

Claes Bell, analyst, explained that driving is a huge part of the average American’s life, so it only makes sense to see what it’s like for motorists according to where they live or drive the most.

“Transportation is the second highest cost many households face, but that burden doesn’t fall equally across states,” Bell said. “Americans should take into account their costs for insurance, gas and other factors, as well as safety concerns when considering their daily travel options.”

Whether your daily commute finds you on the I-94 or the St. Joseph Valley Parkway, the 421 near Madison or the scenic and historic Michigan Road Byway in Kirklin, it doesn’t get much better for drivers than in the Hoosier State. Find out how you can save money on Indiana car insurance by getting a free quote from Elephant.