More than half of motorists don't know for sure that they could change a tire, a recent poll suggests.

One more reason why you ‘flat’ out need roadside assistance

Are you car care confident? With comprehensive insurance, motorists can rest assured they’re covered if they’re ever involved in an accident or a random event that befalls their automobile, like violent weather or vandalism.

But what about those unforeseen incidents that liability auto insurance doesn’t account for, like your vehicle breaking down or a flat tire? Would you know how to fix the problem all on your own?

If not, you’re not alone, as a recently released poll showed that many of today’s motorists wouldn’t be able to swap out a tire that’s been damaged.

“Nearly 1 in 5 admit they have no idea how to change a tire.”

In a survey of 2,000 randomly selected road users, approximately 60% of respondents said they don’t know the basics pertaining to changing a flat tire, according to an analysis performed by Cheap Car Insurance, an online quote comparison firm.

More specifically, only 42% indicated they were “completely confident” in their ability to replace a popped tire with a good one, while roughly 22% admitted they were “clueless” on how to get the job done. About 19% indicated that they had some idea of how it was done, but couldn’t be certain about the steps required.

Tires tougher, but not invulnerable

Fortunately, today’s tires don’t go flat nearly as frequently as they used to. Talk to anyone who drove in the 1960s and 1970s, and they’d be the first to acknowledge this improved state of affairs. That being said, though rubber polymers are tougher and more resistant, they aren’t impenetrable. What’s more, once a tire loses air, there’s only so much time motorists have to get off the road without damaging the tire so much that it can’t be fixed. Plus, staying on the road increases the risk of being involved in an accident.

Inconveniences like these that make roadside assistance a no-brainer when it comes to auto insurance. Learning to fix a flat tire is a smart idea, but that’s hardly the only issue that can leave you searching for the breakdown lane. Whatever the problem happens to be that has you stranded, help is on the way with Elephant Roadside Assistance coverage. Services include battery jump start, towing, and emergency fuel delivery.

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