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Which cars are the most reliable?

When you’re buying a new car, one of the last things you’ll want to deal with is spending time and money on mechanical repairs. That’s a big reason why vehicle reliability is a big concern among consumers – even with longer initial warranties and options to purchase extended warranties. Whether you’re buying a new car for yourself, a spouse, or a teen driver in the family, we’ve put together a list of cars that will keep your time and money out of the auto shop.

A quick note on car insurance

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Now, onto the cars!

Which car brands can you rely on?

Year over year, there are car brands that consistently deliver quality results when it comes to reliability. Below are the top five brands according to Consumer Reports for vehicle reliability in 2017.

  1. Toyota
  2. Lexus
  3. Kia
  4. Audi
  5. BMW

Of course, on the other side of the coin, are brands offering the least reliable vehicles in 2017, and some of the brands rating at the bottom of the pile when it comes to reliability may surprise you:

  1. Volvo
  2. Dodge
  3. Ram
  4. GMC
  5. Cadillac

Now that you know which brands offer the most reliable vehicles, it’s time to explore the specific vehicles that are gaining a great deal of buzz for being reliable and road ready.

Top performing SUVs

SUVs come in many shapes and sizes, as well as price tags. They’re popular among a wide range of drivers: from families looking to travel, to young adults who prefer room to move things, and even among singles who appreciate the versatility SUVs represent – SUVs remain a popular choice with American drivers.  And when it comes to reliability, here are a few that are at the top of the pack.

  • Buick Encore Previous models led the pack when it comes to reliability, this powerhouse of a vehicle was only toppled by a surprising new addition to the field.
  • Kia Niro Rated the number one vehicle for reliability of all classes for 2018, this toppled the Buick Encore which has been a leader for several years.
  • Ford Expedition. A large SUV that’s known to be a workhouse as well as a smooth family ride, the Expedition is a great choice for large families who are on the go.
  • CR-V. A great car for no matter what your lifestyle needs are, the CR-V is one of Honda’s most versatile and reliable vehicles.

Most reliable minivans

Although minivans may not be as exciting as some of the other vehicles on the list, they carry precious cargo and reliability is a must. Overall, these minivans get top ranks:

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Pacifica
  • Grand Caravan

Best options for reliable compact and subcompact cars

Compact and subcompact cars are ideal cars for teen drivers, especially due to their affordability and safety ratings. These smaller cars, however, also pack a huge punch when it comes to dependability for drivers:

  • Kia Rio: While Niro knocked it out of the park this year, the Kia Rio is still widely known for its great reliability.
  • Mazda 3: Rated as the most dependable car from the Mazda family, the Mazda 3 has a lot to offer like great gas mileage and safety. s
  • Versa Note: Another solid performer from the Nissan family, the Versa Note offers versatility and dependability in a small, fuel efficient package.
  • Audi Q3: A premium example of durability excellence the Audi Q3 is a prime example of excellence in mechanics and design.
  • Toyota Prius: One of the more fuel-efficient cars on the road today, the Prius continues to be a leader in ingenuity, design, and durability.
  • Lexus ES: Want a little taste of luxury without spending all your time in the shop? Look no further than this pretty little Lexus.

Most reliable trucks

Trucks are built to handle whatever you throw their way. Today, they range in style and features from utilitarian to large luxury vehicles comfortable enough for long journeys with the family. These are a few designs highly rated for their reliability.

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – Available in a range of styles, including regular cabs, extended cabs, crew cabs, and more, this hard working truck comes in an even larger variety of trim levels to accommodate a driver’s versatile needs.
  • Ford F-150 – Switching from the traditional steel frame it was famous for in 2015 hasn’t slowed the hard-working F-150 down one bit. Today’s version is lighter but not at all leaner where it matters – in reliability and in versatility making it a clear favorite over the decades.
  • Nissan Frontier – Billed as one of the most dependable trucks your money can buy, the Nissan Frontier has been around for more than 15 years and is showing no signs of age or fatigue. The many options and configurations available with this truck are only part of its wide charm and appeal.

In general, trucks have a lot to offer when it comes to dependability, and JD Power has listed its top contenders outside of the few we’ve listed above.

Reliable midsize car options

Aside from high safety ratings and affordability, midsize cars are family friendly and fun to drive. Below we’ve listed some examples of midsize cars with excellent dependability.

  • Chevrolet Malibu: The J.D. Power dependability award winner for 2018, the Chevrolet Malibu is a fan favorite for drivers on the road.
  • Ford Fusion. A favorite for midsize car buyers, the Fusion boasts strong performance and a better than most rating for reliability.
  • Toyota Camry. Rated the number one midsize car overall by U.S. News and World Report, the Camry is rated among the best cars on the market for reliability.

Remember, although reliability is an important factor to consider while car shopping, you’ll also want to consider things like safety ratings, affordability, and suitability.

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