Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a designated driver

Festive cupcakes are a good thing to have at a St. Paddy's Day cookout

It’s that time of the year again: St. Patrick’s Day,  and there are many ways you can celebrate with your friends and family. The holiday is synonymous with drinking Guinness and Irish whiskey, but someone has to be the designated driver, as getting a DUI is not the way you want to end your celebration. If you’re worried about missing out on the fun don’t be, as there are many ways you can have fun as a designated driver:

Go to your local parade

Cities across the country have St. Patrick’s Day parades, and if you are a designated driver, this is an event you can attend that could be enjoyable. Here you can watch all the floats go by with friends and family while making sure everyone gets home safe at the conclusion of the parade.

Participate in a parade

If you want to take it a step further, you may consider finding a way to join the parade. There are plenty of organizations with floats in parades across the country that would probably welcome you with open arms. Being the center of attention during a St. Patrick’s Day parade is a great way to have some fun as a designated driver.

Throw a cookout at home

One of the best ways to responsibly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to have a cookout at home for family and friends. If the temperature is warm enough, this is a good time to kickoff spring. Incorporate some fun things, such as green drinks, which can be created using food coloring. If there are kids coming over, it could be fun to put together a scavenger hunt to find a pot of gold. If anyone wants to enjoy a green beer or two, make sure there is a way for them to safely get home.

Being a designated driver for friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day is something you can do to keep everyone safe. In addition to finding ways to enjoy yourself, it is also important to make sure your car insurance is up-to-date just in case you get in an accident. If it isn’t, it might be time to browse online insurance quotes to find a new policy. No matter what you choose to do on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to have fun and stay safe.