Cinnamon rolls - enough said.

5 of Dallas best places for cinnamon favorites

The holidays may have come and gone and Santa Claus may be back at the North Pole, but some of the signature sights, sounds – and smells – of the season are still very much in vogue: sweets.

There's always room for dessert after a tasty dinner, and these delicious delectables come in a variety of flavors and favorites, be it cake, cannoli, cookies, and puff pastries. And while Jolly Old Saint Nick's preferred pairing may be cookies with milk, a recent poll of professional Santas – often found in shopping malls – revealed that 54% would prefer to see a cinnamon roll awaiting them were they to perform Kris Kringle's Christmas Eve gifting duties. It's hard to blame them, as few mouthwatering morsels compare to sinfully delicious cinnamon bun.

If you're visiting or live in the Dallas area, you'll be pleased to know that the Big D has well over a baker's dozen locations that specialize in cinnamon roll deliciousness. These five Dallas bakeries' cinnamon offerings are almost guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding of pastry palettes.

1. Society Bakery

Founded in 2003 by Roshi Muns, a Texas native, the Society Bakery is appropriately named, given that there's not just one, but three locations in Dallas, including Greenville Avenue, Royal Lane, and Forest Lane. The sweet treat staple of the Dallas-Ft. Worth dining scene, Society has been the subject of critical acclaim, featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and raved about by household names including Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Billy Joel, and Duff Goldman, founder of Charm City Cakes and host of the Food Network's long-running series "Ace of Cakes." You'll be hard-pressed to decide which dessert to choose from the bakery's massive menu, but if it's cinnamon you crave, look no further than the company's muffins or cinnamon rolls, topped with cream cheese icing. In a word: scrumptious!

2. Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery

Everyone is a winner at Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery, with locations throughout the Dallas area as well as in Plano, Trophy Club, and soon to be in Fort Worth. Specializing in all meals – including brunch – the real "meat" of the establishment is found in its bakery, where over 100 varieties of pies, cheesecakes, brownies, and cookies are pumped out daily. Some are hesitant to take a bite because of their visual appeal, but that initial reluctance doesn't last long, nor do the desserts, which are routinely scarfed down in no time. You'll find cinnamon sensations in several sections of their menu, including their signature Cinnamon Brown Sugar "Popp" Tarts, and cinnamon rolls, available in singles or by the dozen.

3. Bubba's Cooks Country

Texas may be high school football country, but on Hillcrest Avenue, it's Cooks Country – specifically Bubba's. Open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Bubba's Art Deco-style diner features all of the menu choices southern cuisine connoisseurs have come to expect, including biscuits, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and black-eyed peas. Bubba's boasts quite the collection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples, but its dessert menu is on the thin side. However, what it lacks in options it makes up for in taste, as frequenters say their breakfast cinnamon rolls are a must, according to FourSquare. Just make sure you get there bright and early as the breakfast menu is only available until 11 a.m.

4. Creme de la Cookie

When someone or something is the best of the best, you'll often hear it described as the "creme de la creme." But at 6706 Snider Plaza, pastry perfection is known as Creme de la Cookie.  Founded by Toni Rivard, who likes to say she was born with a chocolate spoon in her mouth, she and her staff have been giving locals their flavor fill for several years now and her pastries have been well received by food critics. Toni is perhaps best known for her chocolate chip cookies. Though Creme de la Creme offers desserts that are made to order, there's lots of chewy, gooey sweets to try if you can't decide. For the cinnamon-inclined, set your sights on their breakfast treats or cookies. To paraphrase the online menu, words can't describe their deliciousness.

5. Norma's Cafe

You don't see "Norma" on many most popular baby names lists nowadays, but after trying some of the dynamic desserts at Norma's Cafe in downtown Dallas, it could experience a resurgence. As comes with the territory with cafes, breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day at Norma's, with massive portions of eggs, steak, pancakes, and waffles that give new meaning to the phrase that everything is bigger in Texas. Their desserts are similarly plentiful, and diners are plenty full after indulging. If it's cinnamon that you're after, try Norma's Big Eaters meal. The eight-ounce Ribeye steak comes with your choice of hash browns or grits or biscuits and toast. The cinnamon roll comes with the package, and frequent dine-in guests wouldn't have it any other way.

So if you've got a hankering for some cinnamon this winter, park yourself at one of these Dallas food establishments. You'll be "cin-gularly" satisfied.