You won't find a more loyal group of soccer supporters than FC Dallas.

FC Dallas: A devoted fan base

Soccer isn't for Americans, right? Wrong. You don't have to look much farther than the Dallas-based club of Major League Soccer – FC Dallas – to find out why. Soccer is gaining popularity here in the U.S., with the MLS and its teams building up support across the country.

And one of the best, most loyal fanbases around is FC Dallas. The MLS playoff season is in full swing, and the club is participating this year, much to the delight of the team's staunchly devoted fan base. Their 20,500-capacity Toyota Stadium promises to be a standing-room only venue over the next several weeks, as Mauro Diaz, Victor Ulloa, and their fellow teammates seek to take home the MLS Cup.

Just how devoted are FC Dallas fans? All you have to do is go to the FC Dallas' homepage, where you'll find a list of organized fan groups.

Dallas Elite

Start with the Dallas Elite. Now in their fourth season, The DFE are constantly attracting new members, numbering in the hundreds, with more and more people jumping aboard The DFE bandwagon as the FC Dallas fanbase continues to grow larger throughout the MLS community. You can find The DFE in section 103 of Toyota Stadium – better known as "The Snake Pit" – all decked out in blue.

Toyota Stadium is where you'll find the supporters of FC Dallas.Toyota Stadium is where you'll find the supporters of FC Dallas.

Lone Star Legion

Then there's the Lone Star Legion. You'll find everyday people from all different backgrounds who make up the body of this independent collective, many of whom are from other parts of the country that now call Dallas their home away from home. This fan group makes it clear that the love of the sport of soccer has a way of bringing people together from different backgrounds. The Lone Star Legion is always looking for another member to celebrate with, and you can find them on the far east side of the Budweiser Beer Garden in Toyota Stadium.

That's just the tip of the horn when it comes to FC Dallas' tried and true fan groups. Check out the team's official website for details on the team's other followings, like El Matador, Red Shamrock, and the Dallas Beer Guardians.