Fun games for your next road trip

Fun games for your next road trip

Sometimes, you've got to keep your kids occupied during a long road trip. And sometimes, when you're driving with someone your own age across a long distance, you have to make an effort to entertain yourselves!

That's where road games come into the mix. Sure, we've all tried to play board games while waiting in the backseat – but too often, the pieces go flying. We've all tried to read a book while we're a passenger on a road trip, too – but motion sickness can come quickly, and the quiet may be too much for the driver. So you've got to be creative when you're looking for ways to pass the time spent on the open road. Listed below are a few games that can help you to do exactly that.

License plates

There's plenty of games you can play with license plates while you're on the road. You can have your own road-version of "I Spy," where someone calls out a particular state license plate and all other passengers have to scour their view of the road to find it. You could play bing, and see who can spot 10, 20 or even 50 different state's license plates out on the road during the course of your road trip. Or you could invent a new game altogether – license plates are like the pieces for the games you can play out on the road. You can use them any way that you like!

Find the "bugs"

No, not those bugs! You're sure to pass some Volkswagen Beetles in your travels, no matter where your road trip will take you. These are extremely distinctive cars, which make them perfect for this game: whenever someone in your car spots one, they give themselves a point. Whoever spots the most Beetles – or whatever car you've selected for this game – at the end of the road trip wins. That'll keep your eyes active!

Name that song

This might not work so well in conjunction with radio stations – but if you have your own custom CDs, MP3 players, or iPod devices, you'll be ready to go. Put a song on the radio, and see who in the car can call out the title (or the artist) first. That person gets to pick the next song – and on it goes until you reach your destination!

Memory games

There are plenty of memory games you can play on the road. These games can follow the same basic framework: one person in the car names something that starts with the letter "A." The next person continues the list, including the "A" word, and offering another that starts with the letter "B." You keep going until you've used all the letters in the alphabet – or until someone forgets one of the things named previously, and can't complete the letter-by-letter list.

You can do this with restaurants you drive past, animals you see out on the side of the road, or even with things that aren't directly related to your road trip. The point, as with all the other games on this list, is to give you and your passengers a brain-teasing activity that will pass the time and keep you entertained all at once.

Just remember one thing: safety should always come first, and fun should come second. When you're behind the wheel, nothing is as important as respecting your own health and that of your fellow drivers. Auto insurance coverage can help you to protect yourself, but only smart driving can keep you out of accidents entirely – so never sacrifice your focus on the road for the sake of a game.