Future technologies you may see in your car

New technologies could change the way we drive

Cars have come a long way in the past decade, with many cool technologies, such as automatic parallel parking. These types of features could just be the beginning, as there are many new technologies you may see in your car in the future, such as:

Accident warnings and alerts

Predicting accidents may not be possible, but Kiplinger says your car could very well be able to warn you when you're putting yourself in a situation that could lead to a crash. Collision-mitigation systems already use radar to alert drivers when they get too close to another vehicle, and this could become even more sophisticated in the future. These systems could become standard in affordable vehicles over the next 10 years, which would be a welcome sign to drivers who don't want to splurge for a luxury car. 

Emergency steer assist

Many vehicles are already equipped with emergency break assist, which can stop your car before slamming into someone or something. According to Popular Mechanics, a similar feature could be coming to your steering system. At a certain point, there isn't enough time to break before you rear-end the driver in front of you, which is where an emergency steer assist feature would come in handy. If installed, this system could swerve out of the way before you crash. 

Intelligent tire system

Tires are often the most neglected part of a car, but an intelligent tire system can change that. This technology, which is mounted on the inner tire tread, measures pressure, temperature, g-force, and load. The system is able to notify you when more air pressure is needed in your tires to improve gas mileage, handling, and safety. It can also tell you when you're driving too fast for snow tires, when to switch to summer tires, and when tires are getting too bare. 

These cool features are something to be excited about when buying a car in the future, but it is important not to forget about the essentials, such as car insurance. Whether you buy a car that can park itself, or prevent accidents, you still need to be covered. Online insurance quotes can help you find an affordable policy that comes with strong coverage options.