Save time and money by bundling with Elephant

Infographic: Save time and money by bundling

According to government estimates, nearly two-thirds of Americans are homeowners. While maintaining our humble abodes over the years, we often make some pretty substantial purchases to improve our daily lives. Often recreational in nature, from cars to boats to motorcycles, these major possessions cost tens of thousands of dollars, and as such, require financial protection in the event they are damaged or stolen. Insurance serves as the ideal defensive measure, but with so many significant investments to cover, handling them all can be a tricky, labor-intensive task.

That’s where bundling can provide some much-needed relief – both in management and expenses. As its name implies, bundling allows you to group several policies together – like auto insurance and homeowners insurance, or motorcycle insurance combined with renters insurance – so they’re all under one insurer and can be updated as necessary.

But it isn’t just added convenience that makes bundling worthwhile. Here are some of the other pluses that make bundling a no-brainer:

  • Take advantage of rate discounts of 5% or more off the cost of premiums.
  • Update or renew your policies all at once instead of on a piecemeal basis.
  • The ease of one-stop shopping brings added efficiency to your financial tasks.
  • Premiums are much more personalized via the bundling method, so you’re only paying for the coverage that you truly need.

Bundle your insurance, and in the process, you’ll save yourself a bundle – in money, time, and energy! And you don’t need to be a homeowner to realize them. Assuming you have more than one major possession, bundling benefits are available to anyone and everyone. Discover them for yourself by contacting your Elephant Auto Insurance agent today!