Hot new automotive technology for 2014

New technology can keep your car stopped at a red light

When buying a car, there are many decisions you'll need to consider. What make and model do you want? What about color? Automatic or manual transmission? Once you've decided on all of the essentials, it's time to get to the fun part – the technology. Here are some of the hottest new technologies for 2014 that you can have in your car:

Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth technology has been around for quite some time, and can allow you to make hands-free phone calls in the car. In 2014, the technology took a leap forward, allowing individuals to wirelessly play music from smartphones through a vehicle's speakers, according to Auto Trader. So, if you want to be able to play music on your speakers wirelessly, in addition to making and receiving phone calls, Bluetooth audio is a must have. 

Auto lane keeping

No matter how good of a driver you are, staying perfectly centered in your lane on the road can be a difficult task. Thanks to Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz it just got a lot easier. According to Forbes, some models from these carmakers are now equipped with auto lane keeping, which utilizes cameras and sensors to keep an eye on the road, and make minor steering adjustments to keep you car between the lane markers. While this could very well be the next step toward an auto-piloted car, we aren't there just yet, so don't get any ideas. 

Mobile app integration

Smartphones have taken off in the past couple of years, and with them comes thousands of mobile applications. If you ever wanted to get some of your favorite apps in your car, now you can. Mobile app integration can allow you to control applications, such as Pandora Music, directly from your car's interface. Some vehicles even allow you to thumbs up or down a song on Pandora without taking your eyes off the road. You could also check your Twitter and Facebook feeds on your car's touch screen, but be sure you have stopped, as doing this while driving is unsafe. 

Automatic brake hold

Have you ever been stuck at a red light that seems like it may never end? If so, you know how much of a pain it is to keep your foot on the brake for this long. Acura doesn't want you to have to worry about this any longer, as the RLX luxury sedan comes with automatic brake hold technology that keeps brakes engaged for up to 10 minutes at a long stoplight or train cross without having to keep your foot on the pedal. 

Don't forget about car insurance

Adding all of these features to your car is cool, but don't stretch yourself so far that you don't have enough money for insurance. If you are in the market for a policy, it could be smart to search cheap car insurance quotes to compare plans with different coverage options and prices.