There's plenty to see and do in Texas this spring.

4 fun things to do in Texas this spring

When the bluebonnets bloom and mockingbirds belt out a whistle-worthy tune, you know that spring is definitely in the air in Texas. There’s lots to love about the Lone Star State, particularly the warm temperatures featured all year long. But there’s something extra special about spring’s arrival that makes you want to get up and go, experiencing all that the state has to offer – ideally in the great outdoors.

If you have vacation plans on the horizon, or simply want to get away for a weekend, here are a few of the things you can do to make your spring sing:

Pay a visit to the park

America sure does love its parks. Based on a recent survey, 70% of adults have visited a national park before, and enjoyed it so much that they’ve recommended it to others.
Fortunately, there’s plenty to choose from in Texas. And what Big Ben is in London, Big Bend is in Texas – a site that you simply have to see. Deep in the heart of Texas, Big Bend National Park is full of geological wonders, including limestone, laccoliths, and layers upon layers of igneous rocks. If you’d prefer to keep your eye to the sky, over 450 bird species dot the aerial landscape.

Go fly a kite

While the term “Go fly a kite” has come to mean “Get lost,” you should take the directive literally in Texas, as the wind can get to whippin’ when spring blows in. You’ll be in good company this April for the Third Annual Hermann Park Kite Festival at the Miller Hill and Jones Reflection Pool in Houston. The event is free for all and the activity itself is a free-for-all, evidenced by the hundreds of kites seen in the sky.

‘Round up’ some antiques in Round Top

Texas is home to hundreds of small towns with characters all their own. One prime example is Round Top, which according to the latest Census has a grand total of right around 100 people. Once April comes around, though, the Fayette County townsite is teeming with humanity for the world famous Round Top Antiques Fair. The antiques showcase is a semi-annual event, but the original was held in the springtime. You’re bound to find a hidden gem at the 48th anniversary celebration during Spring Antique Week at the 30,000 square foot Big Red Barn that houses an amazing assortment of historical jewels.

Spring on over to Spring

When spring is in the air and there is a place in Texas actually called Spring, how can you not visit? While the season-inspired locale is today known as Old Town Spring, Spring is a region and comprises parts of Harris County along with Montgomery County. It more than lives up to its namesake, too, with a variety of parks and attractions that are fun for the whole family, like Southwell Park, Bayer Park, Pundt Park, Mercer Arboretum, and Botanic Gardens.