The top highlights from recent car shows

The top highlights from recent car shows

For car lovers, there's one event that's usually at the center of at least one month on their summer calendars: a local car show. Many of them are going on throughout the nation as we speak, and we've culled together links and some of the highlights.

The Boston Globe, for instance, recently highlighted the upcoming Ring Recker's Car Show in Amesbury, Massachusetts – which professional drag racer Cameron Soles promises is sure to be one of the best times you'll have all summer, whether you're at a car show or not!

"We're known to throw a good show, with beautiful girls and beautiful cars," Soles told the Globe. "It's a lot better than just posting a picture on Facebook." 

More classics on display in Galesburg, Illinois

A recent report, from the Register-Mail, detailed another exciting car show that surely delighted auto-lovers. The Railroad Days car show brought "vehicles from an unforgettable era all glossy and polished with chrome and white-walled tires," spanning throughout the whole of East Main Street in Galesburg, Illinois. 

"We get cars from all over," Neal Detmers, president of the Western Illinois Antique Auto Club, told the Register-Mail. 

The event is officially referred to as the Western Illinois antique Auto Club Railroad Showcase of Cars, according to the report, and the exuberantly titled event will be celebrating its 30th birthday next year. Classic cars from all the way back in the 1920s will be on display – I don't think you'll be able to find cheap car insurance quotes for those vehicles! But as Detmers notes, you don't become a car lover because it's an affordable hobby. 

"It is an expensive hobby, you got to enjoy it," Detmers told the news outlet. 

The Cool City Classic Car Show also displayed some top-shelf rides

In Two Rivers, Connecticut, one of the nation's coolest car shows will be going on: the Cool City Classic Car Show, which will be featuring classic cars old and new. In the latter case, you'll get a chance to look at a 2007 Mustang Roush Roadster – one of only 100 that were built in that year. I wonder what the car insurance quotes are like on that vehicle!

There's also some cars with great history behind them at the Cool City show, according to the HTR News report detailing it. For instance, a 1929 Hudson Roadster car that will be on display was used as the getaway vehicle during a 1931 bank robbery!

"In 1931, there were no airplanes or real communication, and most of the cops were driving Fords and Chevys with 40-horsepower engines. This one has 92," Pete Kortenhorn, owner of the car, said to HTR News. "In those days, if you had a fast car, you got away. They were fast cars, which is why people would steal them. Guys would steal fast cars, like a Cadillac or a Hudson, and then go and knock off a bank and make a break for it in the Minnesota or Wisconsin north woods."

Of course, not every car at this particular show has such a lurid back story. For many, they came to own these classics the same way all car owners came to own their beloved vehicles: they bought them when they were relatively fresh, and have been diligently taking care of them ever since. That's certainly true of one of the show's overall centerpieces – a 1966 Ford Mustang that was on display courtesy of its owner.

"I said 'get me a car,' and [my brother] brought this one over," Sandy Peroutka, the owner of the vehicle, told the news outlet. "I've been the owner ever since."

You should check local listings to see if there are any car shows near you this summer – these displays of classic vehicles shouldn't be missed!