Tips for safe motorcycle riding

Tips for safe motorcycle riding

For many, riding a motorcycle is more than just a transportation decision – it's a way of life. Yet, it's also one that requires great caution: motorcycles are perhaps more likely to be involved in an accident than cars, meaning that their drivers need to do everything possible to protect themselves.

It goes without saying that motorcycle riders should get to know their roads and their way around a bike well before they get their license or go out onto the open roads. Yet, even seasoned bikers can make a mistake when they're out driving – so keep these safety tips listed below in mind when you're out on your bike, whether it's your first time riding or your 40th year. 

Ensure that you're always visible
It may seem funny, but bright clothing and a light-colored helmet is always preferable for motorcycle riders for safety's sake – such clothes will help to ensure that drivers won't be ignorant to your presence on the road.

Drive defensively
If you're riding a motorcycle, checking online insurance quotes and confirming that you're covered isn't considered defensive riding. Drivers behind the wheels of cars are regularly making phone calls, messing with the radio, and generally distracting themselves – so when you're riding the roads, presume that you're the only one paying attention. Watch for sudden lane changes and lackadaisical drivers at all times, because being alert to potential threats will help you to avoid them when they emerge.

Know your bike 
This one should go without saying, but be sure that you know how your bike handles! Take it out for short rides before you take it out for a long cruise on the highway, for instance. If you end up in a position where you might get into an accident, you'll be much more likely to escape unscathed if you're comfortable with your bike.

Protect yourself with clothes, gloves, and other gear
If your bike crashes, the gear that you're wearing and the clothes on your back will be the only thing protecting your body from the pavement. Even if you're not in an accident, you want to be covered from head to toe, if only to protect yourself from bugs, wind chill, and all other hazards of the road.

So, when you're packing up for your next ride, make sure you're covered with a reinforced or leather jacket, gloves, pants, thick socks, protective footwear, and all other gear that may be able to protect you. Also don't forget your eyewear and enjoy your ride.

Did we leave out any essential motorcycle safety tips? Be sure to let us know if so.