Make your National Lazy Day in Richmond one that you'll remember.

5 lazy, not-so-crazy destinations in Richmond

Procrastination is something that just about everyone struggles with now and again. There's always a task that has to be done, yet when there are so many other, more enjoyable sources of entertainment to take advantage of, putting it off another day won't hurt any, or so the theory goes.

Time management enthusiasts might say otherwise, but even they have to admit that there comes a time when it's perfectly OK to be lazy – perhaps none better than Aug. 10 – National Lazy Day.

The easiest, most appropriate thing to do on a day of laziness is nothing at all. But even when it's good to be non-productive, you should at the very least have some fun in the process. Here now are some examples of fun places to go and things to do on your day when work is off-limits:

Visit the Lazy Daisy

When a store has "lazy" in its name, it's pretty much a requirement to experience it on a day when the sluggish rejoice. But once you walk through the doors of the Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store on Old Hundred Road, your energetic spirit will be reinvigorated. The Lazy Daisy specializes in fine antiques and crafts, as well as beautiful tables and chairs for a living room, kitchen, or any other part of the house that could use some high-quality, wood-crafted furnishings.

Veg on the Lazy River

Kings Dominion – billed as Virginia's "premiere themed amusement park" – is a headquarters for high-velocity thrill rides, but there are plenty of rides to go on when you'd much rather rest than revolve around a twisting roller coaster. Kings Dominion doubles as a water park, where you can hop in an inner tube and float your way down the Lazy River.

See what's new at the zoo

Your cat or dog may sleep the day away, but he or she has nothing on the sloth, second only to the koala when it comes to how much of their day is devoted to shuteye. The typical sloth spends 20 hours getting its beauty rest. But you may be able to see the two-toed sloth while it's awake at the Metro Richmond Zoo. There are dozens of other animals to see and discover on your trip, including a Snow Leopard – one of few left in the world – African clawless river otter lion, and Asiatic black bear.

Discover what's growing in the garden

If there's anything that looks like it's not doing much of anything it's plants. But given time, flowers and plants grow to be Mother Nature's very own masterpiece. You won't have to wait to see what's growing at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, where flowers are in full bloom and the landscape is lush. Appropriately located at Lakeside Avenue, Lewis Ginter's was voted No. 2 in USA Today's Best Public Gardens contest.

Tour Richmond on foot – without walking

A wise man once said "Why walk when you can ride?" The inventor of the Segway sure felt this way, which spawned his creation of the two-wheeled battery-powered electric vehicle in 1999. See what you've been missing in Richmond by booking a landmark tour via a Segway. Segway of Richmond has several touring options available, the most popular of which is the architectural tour, where you'll see and learn more about the 1865 Bridge, the Tredegar American Civil War Center, Old City Hall, and Monumental Church, where poet extraordinaire Edgar Allen Poe's mother performed as an actress. 

There's lots to see and do in Richmond – perhaps making your National Lazy Day a bit busier than it sounds.