Creative Request

Please make sure that you read our brand standards before drafting any Elephant communications. This page was last updated on 08/21/20.

  • General Request Information

  • It can sometimes be helpful to look at this from the perspective of “What issue am I trying to improve upon or fix?”
  • What’s the end goal?
  • Such as: Aceable, Flying Squirrels, Hodges, etc.
  • Who are we talking to?

  • What are the actual pieces of work you need completed for this project, with as much specification as possible?
  • Where will this project live? TV? Facebook? Website?
  • Contact

  • Who is spearheading and organizing this project internally?

    Only submit one person for this field.

  • Only submit one person for this field.
  • Who else is involved in the execution of this project? Try to think not only about who you’ll need immediately, but who you’ll likely need help from along the entire course of the project. It may also be useful to note individual responsibilities of those involved (Briefly, of course. I.e. Alexandra: Radio Script etc.)
  • Timeline

  • Include any particular dates and/or milestones of importance, or by which certain deliverables may be needed. Note whether this timeline is speculative or concrete.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

    Self-explanatory—please note if this deadline is speculative (and if so, what is the likelihood that it’s subject to change) or concrete.
  • Resources

  • Any oddities, tips, concerns, etc. about the project?
  • Any background information needed for reference and/or research? Competitors you’d like to consider? Any sources you can provide that offer background information or research, style and aesthetic preferences (if applicable)