Customer Service

Customer service FAQs

Having trouble viewing insurance documents or payment invoices?

Elephant sends all documents in PDF format. Click here to download a free version of Adobe Reader.

Need to change your due date?

Elephant offers the flexibility to move your due date back 9 days and forward 12. The only requirement is a payment of the premium for the days between the current due date and the new due date. Call us at 1-877-218-7865 to make this easy change.

How can I avoid the payment installment fee?

A policyholder holder can elect to pay their policy off in full or pay the monthly premium due prior to the invoice date, which is 20 days before the monthly due date.

Need to make a payment?

Log in to myElephant to pay your bill online. New to myElephant? Sign up to make payments, print ID cards and manage your policy all in one place.

Follow these links for questions about recurring insurance payments or fees associated with missed payments.

Can I put a recurring payment on a pre-paid credit card?

No. We request that you choose a credit card or debit card for recurring payments. We understand that this may not be an option, if that is the case visit myElephant online or contact Customer Service at 1-877-218-7865 prior to your due date.

Need to send Elephant a form to acknowledge a coverage election, waiver, or rejection?

You may send your completed form to Elephant either through Email ( or Fax 804-955-1719. Please keep in mind this form should be received within 14 days of purchasing your policy. Doing so provides written confirmation and insures that you will not experience a change in your monthly premium payments.

Out of state license?

Within 30 days of purchasing insurance from Elephant, all drivers listed on your policy need to be licensed in your current state of residence. This information must be provided to Elephant within 30 days from the effective date of the policy to avoid cancellation.

Unsure how to get a license in your current state of residence? Find more information on Elephant’s state pages.

Need to make a change to your policy?

Please call us at 1-877-218-7865 or 804-955-1630.

How do I report a claim?

Visit our online claim center here. Elephant offers 24/7 options to report a claim.

Need roadside assistance?

If you have Elephant Roadside Assistance coverage call CT Auto Club, Inc. at 1-877-321-9910. You can print your roadside assistance ID cards from your myElephant account.