Recurring Payments

Recurring payments FAQs

What are recurring payments?

Enrolling in recurring/automatic payments makes paying your bill simple. By signing up, you are allowing Elephant to process your payment every month, according to your payment plan. You can set up recurring/automatic payments using a credit or debit card.

What steps does Elephant take to make sure my information is secure?

Elephant takes your security very seriously. To prevent cases of fraud and identity theft, Elephant encrypts all payment information that we receive. Only a select group within our Billing Department is allowed to access this information. In addition, every payment request sent to our bank is encrypted for your security.

Will I receive a bill?

There’s no worrying about bills with automatic payment plans! You just give us your preferred method of payment when you buy your policy, and we take care of the rest!

If you provide Elephant with a valid, active e-mail address, we can send you a friendly payment reminder notifying you of your due date each month. Additionally, your current bill and billing history are available in myElephant.

When are payments taken?

Payments are processed via electronic transaction every month on or shortly after your due date. However, some banks may place temporary holds on deposits you make to your account, so make sure that your accounts has enough funds to cover your payment by the close of business two (2) days prior to your due date.

What information is needed to keep my card up to date?

For your security and to prevent fraud, Elephant verifies the expiration date and billing address on every credit card or debit card on file. If either of these pieces of information changes, you will need to call one of our agents at 1-855-ELEPHANT to provide Elephant with the new address and/or expiration date. Otherwise, your bank may not allow us to withdraw your payment, and you may be assessed insufficient funds and late charges.

However, we do ask that you make this change at least two (2) days prior to your next due date. If you call on the day before your due date, one of our agents will be happy to enter your information into our system, but will ask that they charge your card at that time for your amount coming due. After that, you’re all set!

I am not currently signed up for recurring payments. What can I do to sign up?

Existing customers can sign up for recurring payments through myElephant or by calling an Elephant representative at 1-855-ELEPHANT.

However, we do ask that you make this change at least three (3) days prior to your next due date. If you set up recurring payments within three days, the current amount due will not be paid with a recurring payment. You will need to pay that amount separately. After that, you’re all set.

What if my policy is cancelled for non-payment?

If your policy is cancelled for non-payment, your policy may still have a past-due balance. This could include insurance premium for coverage provided up to the cancellation date (not the missed payment due date), as well as various administrative fees.

If a past due balance remains on your account after cancellation, Elephant may elect to charge your method of automatic payment at a later date.

If this occurs you may call our Customer Service department at any time if you would like these numbers explained to you.

If Elephant does not collect payment within one month after the cancellation date, Elephant may engage a collections agency and/or report the past-due balance to a credit bureau. Customers whose account is referred to a collection agency will be assessed a $20 fee.