Legal Assistance Coverage

You don’t have to be “in trouble” to need the advice, consultation, and expertise of a high quality attorney. With attorney fees averaging over $300 per HOUR, don’t miss this exclusive offer only for Elephant policyholders! We’ve developed Legal Assistance in partnership with Legal Resources®, a leading provider of group legal plans, to protect you from high attorney costs.

How does it work?

Using Legal Assistance is easy!

  1. Call a licensed agent at 1-855-ELEPHANT to add Legal Assistance to your Elephant Auto Insurance policy.
  2. Your Legal Assistance ID card will be included in your auto policy documents.
  3. When a legal need arises, call the member services number on your ID card.
  4. Receive a referral to an attorney and your claim number.
  5. Call the attorney to schedule an appointment.
  6. The attorney provides the legal services at the coverage provided.

It is that easy! With this coverage there is no need to worry about the high cost of paying for an attorney on your own.