General Questions

myElephant: General Questions

What is myElephant?

myElephant is an online management tool that makes it simple to manage your Elephant Auto Insurance policy.

You can do the following on myElephant:

  • View your policy information
  • Print your ID cards and policy documents
  • Pay your bills online with a credit card, debit card, or bank account
  • View your bills and payment history
  • Set up automatic payments

Is myElephant secure?

Your security is our top priority. To ensure that your myElephant account information is secure, we’ve taken the following precautions:

  • Elephant uses Secure Sockets Layer technology that encrypts data as it travels between your browser and our server.
  • Whenever you exit myElephant, you are automatically logged off and your information cannot be accessed.
  • Should you forget to exit the site, you are automatically logged off after five minutes. Simply enter your email address and password to log in again.

You can help us protect your privacy by never sharing your myElephant registration or log in information.

Which browsers does myElephant support?

myElephant supports all modern browsers versions including:

  • Internet Explorer versions 9 and above
  • Chrome
  • Firefox versions 17 and above
  • Safari

myElephant does not support Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 16. To ensure the best experience on myElephant, you’ll need to update your browser. It’s easy and safe to download and install the latest browser version, just use the links below.

Update Internet Explorer on the Microsoft website by clicking “Free Download”.

Update Firefox on Mozilla’s website by clicking “Free Download”.

Can I use myElephant on my mobile device?

myElephant makes it easy to manage your auto insurance policy on-the-go. Use your tablet or smartphone to make payments, view your ID cards and more.