Parental Leave Policy

Elephant Insurance Parental Leave Policy

Because we as a company want to support and nurture you and your growing family, Elephant is very excited to announce a new Parental Leave Policy! Elephant is now providing paid leave for all new parents!

Read below for a summary. Download the policy fact PDF for more details including tenure requirements, defining primary and non-primary parents, payment details, and policy guidelines.



  • For tenured primary parents: 6 weeks* of 40% pay THEN 6 weeks* of 100% pay
  • For non-tenured primary parents: 6 weeks* of 40% pay
  • For those doing the math, that’s 100% pay when combined with Short Term Disability


  • For tenured primary parents: a two-week bonus when you’ve been back to work for six months


  • For tenured primary parents: An extra week of PTO awarded after you return to work
  • An additional surprise!

Non-primary parents too!

  • For all non-primary parents: Two weeks of 100% pay following the arrival of the child

Who’s eligible?


Primary Parent

  • Employee who physically gives birth
  • Employee who is named the primary parent in an adoption or surrogacy through affidavit

Non-primary parent

  • Employee who did not physically give birth
  • Employee who was not designated the primary parent through affidavit

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