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Departments at Elephant

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Customer Service

Here at Elephant, our service agents play a crucial role in providing an industry-leading customer experience to every member of the Herd. Our agents strive to resolve all issues for our customers as fast and professionally as possible. In this position, no two customers are ever the same and it is our mission to educate our customers, make policy changes for our policyholders, and make sure that the customer has an amazing experience, every time.

For our entire department, we offer continuous training and support for agents. Our open environment will provide you with the opportunity to use your initiative and share ideas with your coworkers, supervisors, and managers. You will need to be flexible with our hours of operation, willing to learn our systems and culture, and grow professionally during your fruitful career with Elephant.

Interview Preparation

  • Read through the entire job description, make sure that this is a position that you are interested in and want
  • Review all study material provided.
  • Prepare questions for the recruiter & leadership.
  • Research Elephant Insurance and the products we offer.
  • Dress professionally for all parts of the interview process.
  • Relax and be the awesome person you already are.

Candidate Characteristics

  • College degree
  • Call center experience
  • Insurance experience
  • Customer service experience


As a sales agent, you are the first impression our customers receive of Elephant. So, as the first point of contact for our customers, it’s important that we deliver an efficient, high-quality service to every single person we speak to, ensuring we provide a unique experience, tailored to meet our customers’ needs.
The job is challenging and competitive, which is why the better you perform, the more lucrative the rewards, as the incentive structure in place benefits motivated individuals who show a flair for both sales and service.
Handling inbound calls, your role will be to guide your customers through the buying process, informing them of both our insurance product and our related ancillary products, allowing the customer the opportunity to shape their policy to meet their personal auto insurance needs.
In our call center, there is no cold calling nor are our agents expected to find their own leads. Leads are channeled straight into your line! We expect our agency to sell our policies, ancillary products, and help guide our customers to create a policy that meets their needs.
We’re looking for ambitious, enthusiastic, and committed sales professionals that have basic computer skills, a “team” mentality, love a competitive environment, and have a passion for self-development!

Interview Preparation

  • Read through the entire job description, make sure that this is a position that you are interested in and want.
  • Review all study material provided
  • Prepare questions for the recruiter & leadership
  • Research Elephant Insurance and the products we offer
  • Dress professionally for all parts of the interview process
  • Relax and be the awesome person you already are

Candidate Characteristics

  • Sales experience
  • Call center experience


Retention plays a large role within Elephant. While sales agents bring in the business for the company, our retention specialists ensure that customers remain happy and renew their policy with Elephant. Each day, our agents can see the impact that they make for our company and receive daily reports on the status of the department. Our agents have a unique skill set where they use both sales techniques and customer service techniques. Throughout 2016, the department has saved 2 million dollars in premium and hopes to add more!

Interview Preparation

  • Understand the roles of each department – sales and customer services

Candidate Characteristics

  • Positive individuals!
  • Core skill set of a sales agent and customer service agent
  • Flexible and adapt to change
  • Able to handle the pressure of the high expectations set by the department
  • Understand data that is provided


Cool, calm and collected. Claims team members are our first point of contact for callers in crisis. And joining the team, it’ll be your responsibility to talk to our customers and gather information about new claims quickly and accurately. Interesting? Varied? Absolutely. This is the biggest department in the company and an incredibly important one. You’ll deliver a crucial service to customers whilst being sensitive to their needs and circumstances in what can often be a stressful time for them.

After comprehensive training, you’ll start taking calls and setting up new claims or dealing with queries about existing cases. You’ll be a vital point of guidance for customers, advising them on additional services and benefits available during the claim process. Training won’t stop once you’ve started taking calls either. You’ll benefit from ongoing training and development to ensure that you’re always up to date with the latest policies and procedures to deliver the best service possible.

What do you need to shine in Claims? An excellent attention-to-detail, quick wits, excellent listening skills and a talent for problem solving, for a start. Of course, you’ll need a calm, professional phone manner, and the ability to take ownership in certain situations. You’ll enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with colleagues, helping us to work in smarter, better ways. And working in the biggest department in the company comes with its unique benefits. These include exposure to a variety of specialized, technical roles which provide plenty of opportunity for progression.

Interview Preparation

  • Review the job description and qualifications
  • Do your homework on Elephant Insurance
  • Make sure resume is up to date with relevant information


Our administrators have some of the most hands-on experience with each department. As a member of our team, you work with organizing company wide events, communications, facilities management, and much more! Our admins take on various projects and work to strict deadlines, so the ability to work under pressure is a must. Our team is made up of individuals that are well organized, detail orientated, able to handle sensitive information, and have friendly demeanors of course.

Interview Preparation

  • Research company
  • Research position
  • Prepare for testing

Candidate Characteristics

  • Well organized
  • Detail orientated
  • Trustworthy
  • Able to handle sensitive information
  • Able to handle high-pressure situations
  • Friendly Demeanor
  • Ability to complete to complete tasks without being managed


Working in our finance department provides our employees with a variety of challenges and responsibilities. As a member of our growing and talented team, you will have the opportunity to work with all parts of our company, developing a better understanding of Elephant, and developing professionally with the opportunities available. As a member of our corporate finance team, you’ll be playing a role in preparing financial reports, producing information for management, budgeting expenses, making sure suppliers are paid, and planning for the future.

Interview Preparation

  • Up to date resume
  • Prepare to answer scenario questions and demonstrate basic skills
  • There may be testing depending on the position

Candidate Characteristics

  • Asking GPA for both high school & college
  • SAT scores
  • Financial background not necessarily needed but quantitative analysis
  • Can see the bigger picture instead of being down in the details
  • Motivate and hardworking
  • Attention to detail
  • Thorough and inquisitive
  • Good communication with all the levels throughout the company ( from management to agent)


Our marketing department lives and breathes the brand. From strategy to SEO, creative campaigns to customer targeting, Marketing at Elephant is a diverse and dynamic place to work. How can we attract and engage with new customers? What can we do to keep our valued

How can we attract and engage with new customers? What can we do to keep our valued policyholders happy? From deciding and implementing how best to advertise our brands and working closely with price comparison sites, to creating the information and offers that put smiles on our customers’ faces, our Marketing team is behind the big, bright ideas that help Elephant stand out in the market.
We’re not afraid to be creative or innovative in our approach so you’ll be encouraged to share ideas and empowered to try new things. If you like challenging work and a friendly, flexible working environment with lots of opportunities for personal and professional development, you’ll be right at home in Marketing.

Interview Preparation

  • Research examples of our campaigns
  • Who our competitors are and how we may differ to them
  • Brush up on your math and grammar for the tests

Candidate Characteristics

  • Balance of creative and analytical
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to understand all aspects of marketing
  • Fun and creative
  • Able to voice your opinions and ideas
  • Have the passion for marketing and starting a career


All Operations positions conduct a full-service class room training lasting 4-6 weeks that includes both process and soft skill training. Agents also take live calls in the classroom setting with Trainers assisting.

Class room training is followed by a ‘nesting environment’ supported by Peer Coaches, Training Assistants, and Mentors to work in for up to 3 months before being assigned to a team on the floor.

Elephant also conducts a week of in-house licensing training for Sales and Service to assist those newly hired agents to acquire their insurance licenses.

Elephant offers various developmental programs at all levels including an in-department supervisor training program, a preparatory program designed to prepare individuals to begin working with people, leadership development programs, and programs designed to help individuals acquire broad company knowledge.

We have a Supervisor Training for newly appointed Supervisors and operations training is conducted for all non-Operations staff for business integration.

Various training is available regularly for all staff to sign up and attend (including Interviewing Skills, Grammar and E-Mail, Ethics, etc.)


You’ll join a team of first-class underwriters and be backed by exceptional support and first-class training. We’ll support you with professional qualifications and encourage you to develop, progress and continually expand upon your underwriting knowledge as you make a vital impact on the business.

Candidate Characteristics

  • Should have insurance experience and several certifications like an AINS certification
  • Very analytical
  • Open minded to change and new processes
  • Able to explain their ideas
  • Challenge processes to better them


How do we ensure that we’re making the most effective decisions across the organization? Decisions that are worthwhile, well-informed and enable us to optimize our performance and enhance success? It all starts with Management Information Services (MIS). MIS is the first point of contact for the business when it comes to gathering key information. Working in this crucially important area of the business, you’ll offer eye-opening insight and support to departments such as Marketing, Finance, and the Call Center while also helping Senior Managers better understand the performance of the company overall.

What can you expect working in MIS at Elephant? Responsibility, challenge, and impactful opportunities – just to name a few. Enabling departments to see and monitor business success is a day-to-day task for the MIS team, so your work will play a key role in strategic and operational decision-making. You’ll also be involved in all new initiatives that go through the organization as the only way to know if something is worth the money being spent on it, is to monitor and report on it.

Having such wide-ranging exposure to the business offers many development opportunities for MIS professionals who are flexible, knowledgeable, analytic and keen to pursue a rewarding and challenging career within a dynamic and fun environment. Mission in life- to collect all data from all production systems into a centralized environment where it is cleaned up, and the business can use the data to make decisions. All data whether for Pricing, Finance, or Claims, all analytical decisions that are being made comes from data collected by MIS.

Interview Preparation

  • Make sure you bring an up to date resume with relevant experience
  • Review the job description before the interviews to make sure you possess the minimum qualifications, and be prepared to talk about them
  • Brush up on math skills


Our Pricing and Actuarial functions are central to the success of Elephant. We are responsible for our rating plans in all operating states along with all actuarial needs, both pricing and reserving. We strive for sophisticated pricing within the industry and give our teams freedom to innovate. We apply detailed statistical models to identify trends in data to calculate a price that is that is most appropriate for our customers and business objectives.

As a pricing analyst, you will analyze data that provides vital insight and informs senior managers’ decision making. As actuaries, we analyze our rate indications by state to assess our rate levels and perform necessary reserving reviews informing the entire organization of our financial health.

Intellectually challenging, interesting and enjoyable, professionals in Pricing and Actuarial are at the very heart of the company and have the chance to make a real difference to its success.

Interview Preparation

  • Read the job description and make sure to talk about relevant experience to the job qualifications
  • Brush up on math word problem skills


Elephant’s Product Management team plays a critical role in improving our existing product and introducing new insurance products to the marketplace.  Our product management team supports our operations teams by introducing new features and benefits to ensure that we can grow profitably.  Our product team also extensively analyzes our business results to determine areas of opportunity for improvement.  As a product management analyst, you will work collaboratively with every department in the business, and you will help lead critical business projects with a focus on improving critical bottom line metrics.

Interview Preparation

  • Read the job description and make sure to talk about relevant experience to the job qualifications
  • Brush up on math word problem skills

People Services

People, people, people. They’re right of the heart of all we do. As well as dealing with all HR-related functions across the business such as recruiting and retaining the talented people that drive the business forward, our People Services teams also work hard to offer our employees a full benefits package to complement their work-life balance. Helping to make people happy in work is our aim; after all people who like what they do – do it better.

Employee Benefits

  • Employer provided benefits program
  • Stock share program up to $5,000
  • 401K employer contributions
  • 4 weeks PTO, plus additional holidays
  • Stock Dividends, Buy a Book program, Run Elephant Run, free fruit, and many more employee perks