Elephant Intern Spotlight

Elephant intern spotlight

McKenzie Lawrence, IT QA Intern

School — Virginia Commonwealth University
Major — Information Systems
Hometown — Midlothian, VA

“The best part about my summer internship was the people! Everyone at Elephant is kind, fun and willing to help and answer questions.”

McKenzie Lawrence
Austin Koch

Austin Koch, Pricing Intern

School — University of South Carolina
Major — Statistics with an Emphasis in Actuarial Science
Hometown — Glen Allen, VA

“The people I interacted with everyday were amazing. I learned so much from them and the energy they brought to work every day was infectious. I’m so glad I was able to be in such an enthusiastic environment this summer because it really made me enjoy going to work each day. The culture here is honestly incredible, and I hope I can return after I graduate in May!”

Jala Sheppard, Customer Service Intern

School — J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Major — Business Administration
Hometown — Richmond, VA

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about the different departments through Port of calls. I enjoyed being trusted with tasks that are important to the company. I loved the culture and ‘elephanteering’. I got everything I was hoping to get out of my internship at Elephant and much more!”

Jala Sheppard

Elephant 2017 intern profiles


Dylan Fales, IT Intern

School —  Virginia Tech
Major —  Business Information Technology
Hometown —  Glen Allen, VA

“I enjoyed the challenging work environment and warm atmosphere the office has to offer.”

Dylan Fales
Asia McFadden

Asia McFadden, Claims Intern

School — Old Dominion University
Major — Health Services Administration/ Business Management
Hometown — Richmond, VA

“I enjoyed coming to work knowing everyday would be different than the last, meeting new people and being able to give my input on special projects.”