The Culture at Elephant

The Culture at Elephant

The culture at Elephant is based on four pillars;
Equality, Reward, Communication, and Fun.

Our philosophy at Elephant is that people who like what they do, do it better. We love to go out of our way to ensure coming to work here is enjoyable. We pride ourselves in offering an honest and open culture where everyone is treated as an equal, achievement is rewarded and recognized and most importantly an environment where coming to work is enjoyable.



Every member of staff is treated with equality.

  • Employee centered, supported by managers
  • Humility is valued
  • Employees feel like it is their company
  • No offices – everyone sits together (supervisors, managers, senior leaders)
  • Treating each other with respect no matter what your position is in the company


“If there is an issue, if you speak up, it will be addressed. I always feel there is an open floor for me to address any problems I am having.”


Reward & recognition

Achievement is rewarded and recognized.

  • Stock awards for everyone
  • Awards ceremony
  • Quarterly celebration
  • Employee of the Month
  • Birthday and company anniversaries
  • 5-Year anniversary celebrations
  • Admiral’s Got Talent
  • Internal transfers allowed after 6 months
  • Developmental programs


“I feel that everyone is given the opportunity to move forward, all you have to do is try. That seems simple but not always true for every company.”



Communication is very important at Elephant; we strive to ensure everyone is open and transparent; with senior management accessible to all.

  • Office set to an open plan – low barriers – no offices
  • Friendly Forums with senior managers
  • All Hands Meetings where the whole company is updated on what’s going on within the business and an update on our performance
  • Online Chats with senior management
  • Staff Surveys
  • Direct emails to the CEO to address issues and concerns
  • Feedback is encouraged to challenge how we can do things better


“Your voice is truly heard no matter your position. There’s always a way to share your thoughts and ideas, and they are actually listened to by leadership.”



Elephant encourages fun at work to promote team building and help achieve goals. We have a number of initiatives to support the fun.

  • Fun Month owned by rotating departments
  • In-department fun coordinators
  • Fun money is built into department budgets
  • Team outings
  • Department mixers
  • Free fruit!
  • Run Elephant Run


Fun is encouraged on a daily basis to help us reach our potential.


Stock plan

One of the most appealing benefits for Elephant staff is the free stock plan operated by the Admiral Group. All members of our staff receive up to $5,000 (depending on share price) of free shares every year.

At Elephant we want people to feel like they own part of the company. The best way to do this is to give them part of the company to own. Everybody in the organization gets the same number of shares, no matter what you do or how long you’ve been here because every job is important at Elephant. We all work together to make Elephant a successful company.


Employee Benefits

  • Employer provided benefits program
  • Stock share program up to $5,000 (depending on share price)
  • 401K employer contributions
  • 4 weeks PTO, plus additional holidays
  • Stock Dividends, Buy a Book program, Run Elephant Run, free fruit, and many more employee perks