Training and Development

Training and Development at Elephant

Training and Development at Elephant Insurance is designed to enhance the professional and personal growth of all employees. We strive to provide employee training for excellence in both current positions as well as in leadership development opportunities.

The types of training you receive will depend on whether you are in an operations position, such as Sales or Service, or a non-operations position, such as Marketing, Underwriting, People Services, etc.

Operations training

All Operations positions conduct a full-service classroom training lasting 4-6 weeks that includes both process and soft skill training. Agents also take live calls in the classroom setting with trainers assisting.

Classroom training is followed by a 3-month ‘nesting environment’ supported by peer coaches, training assistants and mentors before being assigned to a team in the department.

Elephant also conducts a week of in-house licensing training for Sales and Service to assist those newly hired agents to acquire their insurance licenses.

Elephant offers various developmental programs at all levels including an in-department supervisor training program, a preparatory program designed to prepare individuals to begin working with people, leadership development programs and programs designed to help employees acquire broad company knowledge.

Elephant has Supervisor training for newly appointed Supervisors.

Operations training is conducted for all non-operations staff for business integration.

Various training topics are available regularly for all employees to sign up and attend (including interviewing skills, grammar, and email, ethics, etc.)

Non-operations training programs include:


Trunk, which stands for Talk, Responsibility, Understanding, Narrative, and Knowledge, is a series of ongoing training sessions for all staff. Training topics vary but include Interviewing skills, grammar and email etiquette, ethics, keyboarding, effective meetings, and emotional intelligence.


Flight is a training program designed for those with little supervisory experience who’ve been placed in positions of people management (peer coaches, training assistants, mentors, etc.). The program includes classroom training as well as department specific projects that participants work on and deliver back to their departments.


Our ARCH program is made up of the three components; Acquisition, Refinement, and Collaboration, which help employees further develop their leadership and management skills.
Designed to help participants acquire further skills to enhance their management abilities. Participants are involved in “port-of-calls,” classroom training, mentorship and delivering presentations.

Designed to further develop leadership skills in those who have established a record of successful management. Classroom training with an emphasis on post-work and knowledge transfer of what they’ve learned. An element of community service is also involved.

Designed for established leaders throughout the company to learn more about the organization through involvement in various ongoing department projects, working in teams on assigned projects and individual/tandem projects to help advance organizational culture.


This talent development program aims to challenge and develop members of the organization to increase their knowledge of various departments within the business through scheduled visits into those departments. Participants also gain experience working in teams on assigned business projects.

There are other ongoing insurance-based learning, as well as personal and professional opportunities through external sources, e.g. Excel training, advanced Insurance education (CPCU in Underwriting), other insurance basics learning, etc.

We also have an internal e-learning portal, iLearn, which is home to a large variety of online training courses. Having such a wide range of training opportunities gives you the freedom to develop your skills and enhance your expertise in certain areas.

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Employee Benefits

  • Employer provided benefits program
  • Stock share program up to $5,000 (depending on share price)
  • 401K employer contributions
  • 4 weeks PTO, plus additional holidays
  • Stock Dividends, Buy a Book program, Run Elephant Run, free fruit, and many more employee perks