Community Partners

Community Partners

Elephant strives to be involved! Whether it’s promoting safe driving habits for our teenagers or supporting youth sports, Elephant is engaged and active in the communities we serve and looking for more ways to contribute in the future. Here are a few things we’ve been involved with recently:

Project Yellow Light

Community is one of the most important influences in the lives of our children. And we are always looking for ways to contribute to those communities, especially if we can help keep the roads and our kids safe. We proudly support Project Yellow Light: a scholarship competition that gets teens talking to other teens about the dangers of distracted driving. They create short films, radio spots and billboards to share points-of-view on the issue, and the winners receive college scholarships in memory of teen drivers who have lost their lives. Please find out more (and even participate!) by visiting Project Yellow Light.


Elephant is a proud supporter of the LeagueSide mission to make youth sports more accessible. Research shows, kids who play sports perform better in school, live healthier lives, and grow up to be more successful adults. The rising cost of youth sports is a serious problem that leaves many of kids on the sidelines. Elephant’s partnership with LeagueSide allows us to support youth sports leagues in the community.