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*Coverage is subject to the terms of your policy. Please refer to your policy to verify which coverages you have.

Roadside assistance coverage can be a valuable service if you want to be prepared for unexpected car trouble. It can save you time, money, and hassle if your car breaks down.

Here are some of the benefits of having emergency roadside assistance:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you have roadside assistance can give you peace of mind when you’re on the road. You don’t have to worry about being stranded if your car breaks down.
  • Convenience: Roadside assistance can be very convenient. You don’t have to find a tow truck or a locksmith yourself. You can just call the roadside assistance number and they’ll send someone to help you.
  • Cost savings: Roadside assistance can save you money in the long run. Having your car towed to a repair shop can be expensive. Roadside assistance can help you save money on towing costs for covered emergencies.

Emergency roadside assistance coverage will help get you back on the road after a flat tire

Need emergency roadside assistance? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re involved in an accident or have had a breakdown, Elephant’s real-time emergency roadside assistance coverage (ERS)* is here to provide services to help you get back on the road and keep you informed along the way. We’ve partnered with an ERS provider to bring our customers the roadside assistance insurance they deserve when they need it the most.

Benefits of real-time roadside assistance coverage with Elephant

  • Get 24-hour roadside assistance, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, wherever you are.
  • See real-time tracking of your service provider’s progress on your phone, including their name and vehicle description.
  • Ability to share your service-tracking link with family, friends, or co-workers to keep them in the loop.

What does Elephant’s car insurance roadside assistance offer?

  • Towing: If your car breaks down and can’t be driven due to a covered emergency, emergency roadside assistance can cover towing it to the nearest qualified repair shop.
  • Battery jump start: If your car battery dies, our roadside assistance partner can arrange for a service provider to attempt to start your vehicle or tow it to a nearby repair shop.
  • Flat tire change: If you get a flat tire, our roadside assistance partner can arrange for a service provider to change the flat tire with an inflated spare so you can continue your journey. If you don’t have a spare, towing to the nearest qualified repair shop can be arranged.
  • Emergency fuel delivery: If you run out of gas, our roadside assistance partner will arrange for delivery of up to 2 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel to get you back on the road.
  • Lockout services: If your car door key is lost, broken, or accidentally locked inside of the car, our roadside assistance partner can send a service provider to unlock it for you.
  • Winching: If your vehicle is in a ditch or stuck and accessible within 100 feet from a normally traveled roadway and conditions allow for the vehicle to be dislodged, roadside assistance coverage can cover the removal of your vehicle, known as winching.

How does Elephant’s roadside assistance work?

  1. Call the dedicated emergency roadside assistance line.
  2. Get matched with a qualified service provider.
  3. Track your service provider’s location on your cell phone.
  4. Get the help you need to get back on the road.

Should I get car insurance with roadside assistance?

Our partner, Agero, is a nationwide roadside assistance provider and an industry pioneer for the last 50 years. Leveraging technology and an agent workforce made up of specially trained agents, Agero can handle all customer roadside assistance needs.

There are a couple of things to consider when considering adding roadside assistance to your policy.

What is the age of your car?

Typically, newer cars have fewer maintenance issues. And some car manufacturers automatically include roadside assistance when you purchase a new car. However, it’s often only for a certain number of years and for certain services, so be sure to check what is covered and how long you’re covered.

How far do you drive to work?

If you have a long commute, take long road trips, or frequently drive to unfamiliar places, you may want to consider getting car insurance with roadside assistance coverage.

How do I purchase car insurance roadside assistance?

Call us at 1-877-218-7865 or log in to your online account.

Frequently asked questions about roadside assistance

What does emergency roadside assistance cover?


  • Towing.
  • Battery jump start.
  • Flat tire change.
  • Emergency fuel delivery.
  • Lockout services.
  • Winching.

Am I covered if I’m not in my own car?


No, roadside assistance applies only to the vehicles that you’ve previously selected it for on your policy.

Will a service claim affect my car insurance rate?


No, a service claim will not affect your car insurance rate.

How do I know if I have emergency roadside assistance on my policy?


Roadside assistance can be found on your insurance card or on the separate roadside ID card.

Does the policy extend to other family members?


It will extend to family members listed on your policy driving a covered vehicle.

How do I submit a reimbursement request?


First, you must have roadside coverage for the car receiving the service. Reimbursements are offered when a tow service is rendered outside of the Agero service providers. It is always best for to go directly through Agero instead of paying out of pocket and getting reimbursement, when possible.

To submit a receipt for reimbursement or to check on status of a submission, go to Agero

Timeline: 30 – 40 business days for processing once we receive it from USPS (additional time may be needed for USPS delivery)

With your reimbursement request, include the following info:

Policyholder’s name, policy number, photo of the receipt, description of emergency roadside service, and whether Agero was called for the needed service.

How many miles of towing does it cover?


While it can vary by state and insurer, generally towing includes up to 15 miles distance. After this distance is reached, a per mile fee may be applied.

If I use roadside service for a tow after an accident, will it count against my usage limit?


Roadside assistance coverage can only be used when your vehicle becomes disabled due to a covered emergency. Towing after an accident may be covered by other applicable coverages when you file a claim.

Get roadside assistance coverage before you’re left stranded!

Elephant’s roadside assistance coverage complements our car insurance and other insurance products. Get an auto quote to see how affordable Elephant roadside assistance coverage is, and check out our Coverage Wizard for more recommendations customized just for you. And if you’re an Elephant customer, log in to see if you currently have coverage. It’s easy to make the change in our online portal.

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