Pet injury coverage

Keeping your four-legged family members protected.

At Elephant, we care about our customers — and we also care about our customers’ cats and dogs. As a Herd member, if your pet is injured in a covered claim, you have up to $1000 of pet injury protection at no cost to you.

What is pet injury coverage?

Pet injury coverage* is automatically added to your Elephant policy with your collision coverage. Elephant will pay up to $1000 for vet bills and other related costs if your pet sustains injuries while driving with you at the time of an accident.

Coverage details:

  • Limited to dogs and cats owned by Elephant policyholders
  • Your pet must be inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.
  • Elephant will cover up to 2 pets (dogs or cats).
  • The policyholder will need to provide proof of payment to be reimbursed for vet bills.

Pet safety

Tips to keep your pets safe while you travel on the road.

  • Always restrain your pet. Consider buying a specially designed pet seatbelt or carrier.
  • Never allow pets to sit on your lap while you drive.
  • Never leave your pet unattended inside of vehicles.
  • In case you’re separated from your pet, be sure your pet’s ID tags are up to date with your current information.

Accidents are always a possibility, but with Elephant’s pet injury coverage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ll be there to help your furry family members.

Frequently asked questions about pet injury coverage


Is pet injury protection the same as pet insurance?


No, pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary care to keep your pets healthy. Often, pet insurance has deductibles and maximums.

What if I’m not at-fault in the accident?


If someone else causes a car accident and your pet is injured, the other party’s liability coverage would cover the medical expenses of your pet or car.

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