Accident forgiveness and
upgraded accident forgiveness

What is accident forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is a policy feature that’s automatically earned after a customer goes three consecutive years without having an accident on their policy. This means no accidents for any driver on the policy, not just the primary policyholder. After remaining accident-free for 3 years, the customer is eligible to have their next at-fault accident waived from their policy. A waived accident won’t affect the premium with an accident surcharge, but will freeze diminishing deductible, if applied to the policy.

Only one accident is eligible to be waived per policy. Once an accident is waived, it stays waived until it falls off after 3 years.

Example: Let’s say an Elephant customer starts their 6-month policy with us and goes accident-free for 3 years. A driver on their policy has an at-fault accident during their 7th term. The accident is waived from their policy at the renewal of their 8th term and stays waived for 3 years before it falls off the record.

diagram showing how accident forgiveness works

(accident is abbreviated as “AX”)

What is upgraded accident forgiveness?

Instead of waiting more than 3 years for an accident waiver, customers can now purchase upgraded accident forgiveness that’ll start immediately once your policy starts. In order to qualify, there can’t be any chargeable or non-chargeable accidents from the past 3 years for any driver on the policy.

How can I add upgraded accident forgiveness to my auto insurance policy?

Upgraded accident forgiveness can only be added at the time of new business and at renewal.
Current Elephant customers log in to your policy or call us at 1877-218-7865 to add it to your policy.

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