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10 car insurance terms you need to know

To help familiarize you with the basics of car insurance, we’ve put together a list of some of the terms you’ll most need to know.

Published on January 13, 2021

Distracted driving 101

By now, many of us have had at least a few conversations around distracted driving or have read about the dangers online and in the news. But even with all the knowledge we have, thousands of drivers continue to allow themselves to be distracted on the road. It’s become such a common occurrence that many… Read More

Published on January 12, 2021
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How to switch car insurance companies

There are a few to-do-list items that can always feel a little overwhelming—switching banks, switching health care providers and yes, changing insurance companies. We like to think of these as “life admin” items. Admittedly, it can be easy to put these things on the back burner when the day-to-day is already hectic. But we all… Read More

Published on December 18, 2020
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A Homeowner’s Safety Guide for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is affectionally thought of as the most wonderful time of the year, and with good reason. Whether your favorite thing about the year is the holiday lights, the festive music, delicious food, or the opportunity to give to people you love or to your community, cheer is usually abundant around the holidays.… Read More

Published on December 16, 2020
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Common Car How-Tos

Cars are great when they’re running properly, right? But even if you keep your vehicle up to date on oil changes and routine maintenance, things are bound to pop up that require your attention. Accidents happen, no matter how prepared you are. And when they do occur, it’s important to know how to respond. Even… Read More

Published on December 10, 2020
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Open Enrollment: A Great Time to Check Car Insurance

It is that time of year again–open enrollment season, which runs through December 15 in 2020. The fourth quarter of the year is the time when people are making decisions for the next year, in this case 2021. In households across the country, people are spending the open enrollment period evaluating medical insurance options, the… Read More

Published on November 20, 2020
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Is Rental Reimbursement Coverage Worth It?

Do you have a reliable way to get around if your vehicle is in the shop for repairs? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. In fact, in a recent poll conducted at Elephant, we found 27% of participants didn’t have an alternate way to get to work if their car was out of commission. That’s… Read More

Published on November 19, 2020
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COVID-19 Holiday Travel Guide

Holiday travel conjures up mixed emotions, whether you’ve experienced traffic-jammed highways on Christmas Eve, empty airports on Thanksgiving morning, or something in between. While holiday road trips present their unique challenges, travel during COVID-19 only adds another layer of complication this year. Before we continue, we want to be clear—the absolute safest way to celebrate… Read More

Published on November 18, 2020
Winter Driving

First Frosts Are Here: Prepare Your Car for Winter

Cooler temperatures have officially arrived, and they’re only going to get colder. While we love sweater weather and curling up under blankets as much as the next person, we don’t love what the cold weather does to our cars. We’ve all been there: you leave your house in a rush in the morning only to… Read More

Published on November 5, 2020