Corporate responsibility

We are more than an auto insurance company. While that may be our product, our passion is people. Protecting our customers, our teams, and the world we live in is what fuels us.

Staying in our lane.

Our business is connected to the road and keeping people safe is our top priority. Here are a few ways we strive to make a positive impact for our customers, employees, and the communities around us.

Safe drivers. Creating safe roads means reducing dangers. These days, that especially means distracted driving, which is a threat to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Elephant believes strongly in the power of communication and connecting with young drivers early about the dangers of distracted driving. We support Project Yellow Light, a passionately led nonprofit which creatively connects with teens to help spread the word about this urgent issue.

Safe and clean roads. Well-maintained, litter-free roads make for safer roads. Elephant supports programs intended to clean up highways and roads to ensure a safe driving experience. In fact, Elephant was the first company to support the Beautify Virginia program with a commitment to clean up 100 miles of interstate in partnership with Adopt A Highway. An additional 58 miles are maintained in Texas through our Adopt A Highway partnership.  As of March 2024, we are proud to report over 8,400 miles of highway have been cleaned and 155,000 pounds of trash have been removed through this partnership.

Safe driving. Elephant supports the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing losses from motor vehicle crashes.

Doing our part for the environment.

Doing what’s right extends to our commitment to caring for the environment as well as encouraging responsible practices within our business.

Since the beginning, Elephant has been a paperless company, and our customers are offered a discount to go paperless when they sign up with us.

Our ongoing partnership with Adopt A Highway is another way we care for local communities and the planet. Keeping our roadways cleaner and safer should be everyone’s goal, and we are proud to support a cause that impacts all of us.

Staying local.

On a local level, Elephant understands the importance of building a connection with the community to help create a better place for customers, staff, and families to thrive.

In Richmond, which we call home, employees enjoy volunteering at local treasures like Maymont, a nature and wildlife preserve, and at popular events like Virginia PRIDE, Virginia’s annual LGBTQ Pride event.

In addition, a big part of community fun in Richmond takes place supporting and cheering on the city’s two professional sports teams: the Richmond Flying Squirrels, an MiLB team, and the Richmond Kickers, a US soccer team. For a company that is all about fun, we find great joy in supporting two organizations that make happy memories for friends and families throughout the Richmond area.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At Elephant, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are core company values. We believe our company is better when it includes diverse perspectives and when every person feels comfortable being themselves at work. We work every day to extend this same welcoming culture to our customers.

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion employee resource group, known as Staff ID, is made up of team members from all areas of the business who meet regularly to ensure DEI is a topic consistently addressed throughout the company. Some of their efforts to date include:

  • Hosting monthly events to encourage learning about others
  • Providing DEI training
  • Reviewing and recommending business practices to help promote a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Raising issues with leadership that may impact staff
  • Providing a nurturing space for staff to share ideas or concerns

Our response to Covid-19.

Keeping our Herd safe and serving our customers during the pandemic was and remains our top two priorities. We transitioned most of our teams to remote work within a two-week period in the spring of 2020 and immediately set to work with our Pricing team to create a discount that is still offered today, to recognize the decrease in miles driven while working at home.

In 2021, Elephant launched a new initiative, known as the Helping Herd Covid-19 Community Relief Program, that donated $300,000 to organizations and programs that had been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or who were providing COVID-19 relief to their community.


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