Our Teams

Elephant’s teams provide our customers with exceptional care and strive to support each other while we’re at it. Meet a few of our leaders to find out how they foster a culture of empathy and engagement with fellow teammates, the wider company, and of course, our customers.

  • Sales and Customer Care (Sales and Service)
  • Claims (Claims Department)
  • Product Design and Development (Product and IT Departments)
  • Business Support (Finance, Pricing, Marketing and HR)

Employee Resource Groups

Elephant Parents of the Herd logoParents of the Herd — Elephant understands balancing professional demands with personal responsibilities can be challenging, especially for those who have or are planning to have children, or who are caregivers in any capacity. Parents of the Herd is an employee resource group with the mission to support a healthy work-life balance for parents and caregivers. The group offers networking opportunities, fosters an open dialogue around relevant issues, and raises awareness about available resources to parents and caregivers.

Elephant ROSIE logoROSIE — Founded in 2018 by a small, diverse group of women at Elephant, ROSIE (Reaching Out to Support, Inspire, and Empower) focused on supporting and empowering each other’s personal and professional growth. It has expanded to support and encourage all employees’ growth. ROSIE hosts a monthly speaker’s series, facilitates coffee chats between employees and senior leaders, and sponsors workshops focused on sharpening professional skills. While ROSIE was founded to support and encourage women, everyone is welcome to participate in ROSIE events with the spirit that more voices = better solutions.

Elephant Staff ID logoStaff ID — An ongoing goal at Elephant is to allow everyone to be their authentic selves at work, and to cultivate an environment where each member of the Herd has the opportunities to reach their professional potential. The Staff ID Council is a group at Elephant that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion by acknowledging, celebrating, and educating. The group supports the Herd by giving all voices a platform and offering resources to succeed professionally. We believe our company is better when it includes diverse perspectives.

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