5 Car maintenance tips for summer

Everyone knows that you need to take certain preparations with a vehicle before the winter months occur – you can’t go to battle against the road conditions without having some kind of a game plan. But your car needs to be prepared for the sticky summer months, too, in a number of different ways. To beat the heat and stay prepared, use this list of the top car maintenance tips for the summer.

No. 1 Car maintenance tip for the summer – Check your coolant

Just as you rely on antifreeze during the year’s coldest months, you need to rely on coolant during its warmest ones. If you haven’t had your coolant serviced recently, your engine is not going to work properly – and neither is your car as a whole. So get the vehicle to the shop to have this checked out as early into the summer as possible.

No. 2. Spot-check the air pressure on your tires regularly

All this heat can alter the air pressure on your tires, and that can lead to significant damage after enough miles on the road. So check your air pressure as regularly as possible during the summer, especially during extended road trips. After all, you never want to have to change a spare tire in 100-degree heat.

No. 3. Have the AC checked out, too

You don’t want to rely on your car’s air conditioner every single day – but everyone has to use theirs at some time during the summer. Before you do that, you’re going to want to have it checked out at your local body shop – you never know what might have malfunctioned or gone wrong between last summer and now.

No. 4. Know what your AC does to your fuel

The air conditioning in your car can feel like a safe haven during those hot summer days – but you should know that your fuel is wasting away while you relax in the cool breeze. We know it’s not quite as effective, but if you can, roll the windows down instead when you need to cool off – your car will thank you for it by running smoother throughout even the hottest of days.

No. 5. Take care of your car – all year long

The above-mentioned tasks will help to get your car through the end of August – but if you want to stay safe, and keep your car insurance quotes low, then you should have all the other aspects of your car inspected and serviced regularly, too. For instance, you always need to keep an eye on your oil – an engine without proper oil, during the summer months, will be even worse off than it would be at any other time during the year.

So keep those cars, trucks, and bikes in tip-top shape the rest of the year, and then you’ll be able to trust that they’ll serve you diligently throughout June, July, and August.

Article last updated on July 11th, 2024 at 4:27 pm