Development programs

KEEP and Futures

Elephant currently offers several professional development programs for employees: KEEP and Futures.

The Knowledge Expansion Elephant Program (KEEP) is a development program designed to help members of the Herd gain understanding of the overall business and how each piece of the puzzle makes up the larger picture. This is accomplished through in-depth visits that we call port-of-calls in other departments. Participants are assigned to a smaller cross-functional team to address a current business challenge. The program concludes with a final presentation to staff to present recommendations. Participation in KEEP allows members of the Herd to gain skills including team collaboration, time management, project management, research and data collection and presentation skills.

Futures is an advanced development program delivered in an MBA-style format. Classes are facilitated by senior-level leadership from each department. In addition, case studies, readings, projects, and presentation are part of the leadership preparation program. A few of the topics covered include the insurance industry, reinsurance, and loss ratio.

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