All Elephant Insurance Employees Will Receive a Monetary Gift

RICHMOND, VA (September 22, 2020) – David Stevens, CEO and co-founder of Elephant Insurance’s parent company, Admiral Group, announced he will give a personal gift of around $13 million to over 11,000 employees ahead of his retirement.

As a thank you to all the staff at Admiral and Elephant Insurance who have made his 29 years with the company so special, David Stevens and his wife, Heather will give £1,000 to every full-time member of staff and £500 to all other staff. For employees in the United States, this equates to around $1,300 for full-time employees and $650 for part-time employees.

“Saying thank you to all the Admiral staff in this way is the right thing to do, and I’m so proud and fortunate to have worked with such a special group of people,” said David Stevens, CEO and co-found of Admiral. “Their hard work and dedication has allowed Admiral to grow from a start-up with one brand, zero customers and 57 members of staff, to a FTSE 100 company worth around £8 billion with multiple brands, millions of customers and over 11,000 staff worldwide. Thank you from myself and my wife to everyone at Admiral.”

All Admiral staff, whether they work in Richmond or Rome, Newport or Delhi and everywhere in-between, will benefit from the gift.

“Today and every day, we are so appreciative to work for a company under the Admiral umbrella,” said Alberto Schiavon, CEO of Elephant Insurance. “David Stevens’ generosity will impact all of Elephant’s more than 630 employees, most of whom are here in Richmond. We wish him well in this new stage of life and look forward to welcoming Admiral’s new CEO, Milena Mondini de Focatiis.”

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About Elephant Insurance

Elephant is a consumer-focused car insurance company headquartered in Richmond, VA with the aim to put its customers at the center of all efforts. Elephant Insurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Admiral Group, plc., one of the U.K.’s leading insurers with a presence in eight countries and over 6 million customers worldwide. More information is available at


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