Veterinary Bills, Medical Expenses, and Losses Included in Auto Policies

RICHMOND, VA, March 23, 2020 — Elephant Insurance now automatically extends coverage to your pets in the event of a car accident.

Now, all policyholders who have full coverage* with Elephant Insurance will receive Pet Injury Coverage at no additional cost. Pet Injury Coverage pays up to $1,000 if a dog or cat is injured (or dies) as a result of a covered accident.  The coverage will help with vet bills and other related costs.

“Our customers’ pets are important to us. We’re proud to extend pet injury coverage to all our policyholders at no extra cost,” said Alberto Schiavon, CEO of Elephant Insurance. “We feel it’s our responsibility to take care of our customers if the worst happens, and we also feel it’s our responsibility to take care of their pets if they’re ever injured or worse in a covered accident.”

Visit to learn how Elephant Insurance protects its policyholders and their pets.

Elephant also supports its set of online tools that customers can use to easily make changes to their policies, including adding or removing vehicles, and making payments or adjustments to their payment schedules. Access to these tools are fully supported by members of their agent chat team.

*Full coverage is defined as having Collision and Other than Collision coverage on your vehicle in addition to Liability Coverage.


About Elephant Insurance

Elephant is a consumer-focused car insurance company headquartered in Richmond, VA. Elephant believes people who like what they do, do it better. With the aim to put its customers at the center of all efforts, Elephant also encourages a climate of individual contributions, long-term commitment, and profitable growth. More information is available at Elephant Insurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Admiral Group, plc.

Article last updated on August 9th, 2023 at 10:14 am

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