Do you own your home?

If you own your home, whether it’s a house or condo, you qualify for Elephant’s homeowner discount.

How to qualify for the homeowner discount?

Elephant offers a discount of of up to 10% on auto insurance when you own your home. Here’s how it works. If you meet the following criteria, you could be eligible for the homeowner discount on your auto insurance policy.  If you qualify, it is automatically applied to your policy.

  • You or your spouse own a home, townhouse or condominium.
  • The address of the home is garaging address for the vehicles listed on the policy. The garaging address is where the car is parked the majority of time.

Is the homeowner discount different from a bundling or multi-policy discount?

Yes! The Homeowner Discount is a discount applied to your car insurance when you own your home, condo or townhome. While a bundling, also called a multi-policy discount, is a discount applied to each policy when you purchase a car insurance policy with a home or homeowner’s insurance policy. A home insurance policy covers damage to your home, property, personal belonging and other assets in your home.

Other insurance coverages to consider for a homeowner

Increase your liability coverage. Raising the limit on your bodily injury and property damage limits is a low-cost way to protect your financial assets should you be in an accident where losses exceed the limits of your policy.

Umbrella insurance. Umbrella coverage expands your current insurance plans in case your situation exceeds the limits of your policies. It’s inexpensive coverage that covers life’s expensive unpredictable events.


I’m a current Elephant customer and just purchased a home, can I add the discount?

Yes. If you were not a homeowner when you became an Elephant customer, you will need to call in and ask one of our Customer Service agents to add the discount to your policy.

Am I required to have a homeowners insurance policy to qualify?

You qualify for this discount for owning your home, whether or not you have homeowner’s insurance. That said, we highly recommend you carry homeowner’s insurance to protect your home. Plus, if you bundle your homeowner’s insurance with your auto, you’ll qualify for our multi-policy discount.

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