More cars earn our multi-car discount

Insuring more than one vehicle in your household? We have a discount for that. It’s called our multi-car discount and it can add up to big savings fast. If you have two or more cars kept at the same address, why not insure them all on one policy? You could enjoy savings that offset the cost and inconvenience of juggling multiple policies.

How does the multi-car discount work?

Our multi-car discount reduces the cost of your liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages on all the vehicles listed on your policy. For example, if you and your spouse each have a car, it will be less expensive to insure both cars on the same policy than having them on separate policies. Each car on your policy would receive a discount, so if you and your spouse were to buy your teen driver a car and add this vehicle to your existing policy, all three cars would receive a discount.

Benefits of a multi-car insurance policy

Premium savings: Save up to 39% on your premiums by having all the vehicles in your household on one policy.

Efficient policy management: Save time having only one policy to cover multiple cars with just one bill. Plus, you only have to keep track of one renewal date with a multi car policy.

Can I customize the coverage for each car on my auto insurance policy?

Some coverages are set at the policy level, these include your liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage limits. This means that they cannot be set to each driver or vehicle on the policy. That said, collision and comprehensive insurance deductibles can be customized to each vehicle on the policy.

Is there a limit to the number of drivers that can be added to a multi car insurance policy?

Insurance companies have different rules around who qualifies to be on a car insurance policy, including how may drivers can be listed. Generally, family members living at the same address where the cars are kept can be added. If the drivers are unrelated, for instance, a roommate, they should be added as a driver.

Are multi-car insurance policies worth it?

If you are insuring multiple vehicles that are typically covered by your insurance company, the savings and convenience of having them on the same policy is definitely worthwhile. If you are insuring one car and a motorcycle, you would not be able to put these are one policy since they require different types of insurance.

Common questions about the multi-car discount

Can I add another family member’s vehicle to my policy?

Yes! If you’re the policyholder and have family members living at the same address as your address on file, you can add their vehicles onto your Elephant policy to receive the multi-car discount.

Do I get a discount for each vehicle on my policy?

Yes, every vehicle kept at the address of the policyholder is eligible for our multi-car discount. Discounts are applied automatically.

Does a person in the household need to be related to the policyholder to be added to the policy?

Any person in the household, related to the policyholder or not, who drives a listed vehicle more than twice a month should be listed on the policy.

What information do I need to add vehicles to my policy?

  • Year, make and model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Miles driven per year for each vehicle
  • Lienholder info, if applicable

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